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Shallot Help You to Manage Your Sleep and Your Mood

Alternative Medicine – Sleep is a very great way to renew our power and spirit. We have to manage our sleep to get the best quality time for seeping. If we can maximize the quality of our sleep, of course we can get a lot of benefits from the time that we have spent for sleeping. A good quality sleep is not only based on the length of the sleep but it’s also depend on our mood.
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Quality Sleep
Mood is a condition of our heart feeling. Although we sleep for a long period, we will not be able to get the best quality time to have a rest. It’s caused by the bad mood or bad feeling. And the worst effect is someone can get insomnia or difficulties to sleep. When someone get insomnia, perhaps they will get some problem with their activities.
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Good Mood
There are some ways to make a good mood and a quality sleep. Here they are:
1.       Smile
2.       Do sport
3.       Manage your time to sleep
4.       Recognize your habits
5.       Do not eat
6.       Turn off your computer
7.       Do not make a call through phone before sleeping
8.       Turn off the lamp
9.       Consume shallots
how to manage your sleep well and gt the good mood

The last ways, consume shallots can help us to get a better mood and quality sleep. Folate which is found in shallots can help decreasing depression. It prevent forming of homocysteine excessively in the body which can prevent blood and other nutrients to reach the brain. Homocysteine affects the production of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine which regulates not only the mood but also sleep and appetite well.

Well that is the benefits of shallot for our mood and sleep. Hope this short article can help everyone who has a problem with their sleep and has difficulties to build their good mood. 
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