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How to Heal Diabetes Using Shallot

Alternative Medicine – Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is a chronic long-term illness which is characterized by blood sugar levels (glucose) which is far above normal. Glucose is essential to our health as the main energy source for the brain and the cells that make up muscles and tissues in our bodies. The disease has two main types, namely diabetes type 1 and type 2.

shallot's benefits for diabetes

What are the Symptoms of Diabetes?
It is important for us to know the early symptoms of diabetes. Good for high risk and for those who feel healthy and do not have a history or potential diabetes. Type 1 diabetes can develop quickly in a few weeks, even a few days. While many people with type 2 diabetes who do not realize that they had suffered from diabetes for many years because the symptoms tend to be nonspecific. Some of the symptoms of diabetes type 1 and type 2 include:
·         Often feel thirsty.
·         Frequent urination, especially at night.
·         Extreme hunger.
·         The weight loss without any apparent reason.
·         Reduced muscle mass.
·         There are ketones in the urine.
Ketones are a byproduct of muscle metabolism and fat that occurs when the insulin was not enough produced.
·         Fatigue.
·         The views are blurred.
·         Wounds heal for a long period.
·         Frequent infections, such as the gums, skin, vaginal, or urinary tract.
How to Treat Diabetes with Shallots.
Shallots have a lot of its properties, and the benefits are good for health, but it can be used as an alternative treatment of certain diseases. If anyone has any health problems, then they can use shallot to treat it. It’s because shallot is very useful for health especially for diabetes. Shallots is excellent for diabetics as it can naturally overcome diabetes. It happens because the shallot has several natural compounds contained in it, and all the natural compounds are very good in the range of diseases, including diabetes.
Here are some of natural compounds that are contained in shallot:
diabetes can be healed by shallots
Fresh Shallots
·           Anti-microbial.
·           Compound alliin.
·           Fiber.
·           Iron.
·           Folic acid.
·           Ammonia.
·           Enzymes alliinase.
·           Natural Antiseptic.
·           Calcium.
·           Potassium.
·           The pyruvic acid.
·           Alliisin.
·           Vitamin C.
All of the above natural compounds are contained in shallots and very good to overcome diabetes. Diabetes itself is a very deadly disease, and medical drugs could not cure him. Then why shallots can cure diabetes? It is simple because the shallot is not a medical treatment, but Herbal Alternative Medicine of Diabetes. Medical treatment is very different from herbal medicine, which makes diabetes blood sugar levels become high rise, it can only be controlled by medical treatment. Medical treatment only maintain high blood sugar levels remain stable and not rise drastically, this way is very helpful, but the hatching alone cannot cure diabetes. The comparison with herbal medicine is that shallots can treat diabetes, when compared with medical drugs, shallots different from the way it works with medical drugs. Shallots are not working to maintain high levels of sugar in the blood, but it can decrease high blood sugar levels in the blood. It can be concluded with the simple conclusion that the lower high blood sugar levels in the blood can gradually heal the diabetes.
Diabetes make insulin levels in the body work improperly. Human insulin is a natural substance which is a controlled substance in blood sugar. If someone has diabetes, the sugar content will increases. It will caused the insulin will get difficulty in controlling blood sugar levels. As a result the diabetes sufferers are prone to some serious complications which is deadly and dangerous. Some of the complication are happened and caused some problem such as the damage of the heart, liver dysfunction, impotence, kidney failure, stroke, impotence, hypertension and many other dangerous complications. In this case the function of the shallots are when it is consumed regularly, it will maintain steady blood, lowering blood sugar levels and prevent dangerous complications of diabetes.
how to heal diabetes using shallot

Consuming shallots, either raw or boiled very is good for lowering blood sugar levels in the blood. If you are a diabetic, you should consume shallots for herbal alternative healing therapies. Consuming shallots is very good for diabetics, but it's not always good when consumed anything too much.

Well, that’s all. Hope it will be useful.
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