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How to Get the Benefits of Shallot for healthier Hair

Alternative Medicine - Shallot or in Latin called Allium ascalonicum L. is a plant in the family of Alliaceae. The tubers that produced by this plant are used by humans as a spice in cooking. It can be mashed together with other spices or fried as fried shallots that is usually used as a fragrance and flavoring dishes. But remember, do not store sliced ​​shallot more than one day, because the shallot which is cut, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria even if stored in the refrigerator. So, if the ​​shallot has been sliced it should be used right away or discarded.
Here are the substances that are contained in the shallots:
the benefits of shallots
         Flavonglikosida (functioning as an anti-inflammatory, killer bacteria, and reduce heat)
         Vitamin B1 and C.

If you have any problems with the health of the hair such as hair loss and dandruff, then the shallot can be used as a drug to treat your hair problems and nourish hair at once.
1.       Treating hair loss.
It is one of the benefits of the shallot. Shallots are rich in sulfur, which can improve blood circulation and strengthen the hair. Prepare a potion by making shallot juice first. Massage the scalp with hot coconut oil for 30 minutes, before applying shallot juice to open the pores of the scalp. Then, cover your hair with a warm towel to vaporize the hair.
2.       Grow Hair
Massaging your scalp with shallot juice can increase blood circulation, resulting in growth of new hair. Sulfur in the shallot not only reduce hair loss, but also induces hair growth. Mix shallot juice with coconut oil and massage the scalp. Leave for 40 minutes and then rinse with a mild shampoo.
3.       Heal scalp infections
Use of shallot juice to cure infections of the scalp. Fungal infections can damage your hair and also cause severe hair loss. In addition to treat infections of the scalp, shallot also helps open clogged pores of the hair follicles.
4.       Overcoming dandruff
You can also get rid of dandruff with shallot juice. Mix the shallot with the lemon juice, buttermilk, and add a few drops of honey. Apply it on your hair and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse with a mild anti-dandruff shampoo to get rid of dandruff naturally.
Sliced Shallots
Those are about shallots and some of the benefits that we know. There are so many others benefits of shallot not only for hair but also for the body. So, it will be better if we store shallot in our house, not only for cooking but also for the medicines.
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