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How to Cure Constipation Using Shallot

Alternative Medicine – Constipation is a digestive problem that is very common. Constipation can also be interpreted as a problem to defecate or defecate irregularly. Besides that, people who suffer from constipation usually followed by pain in the abdomen and immediately want to defecate, even run to the toilet in a hurry. But when they reached the toilet, defecate feels very hard, the feces didn’t want to come out due to the feces has been hard, it also hurt. Therefore, it is no wonder a lot of people doing a variety of ways to solve this constipation disease, either with drugs or by going to the doctor. And if constipation occurs in children, most parents will be confuse because their children are fussy and crying, especially when going to defecate.
shallots are very benefits to cure constipation

Before we explain more about how to cope with constipation disease effectively and safely, we should know or learn in advance about what constipation is, what causes it and what the symptoms or signs of the constipation are. It would be better if we start from the definition of constipation itself.

The definition of constipation
Constipation is a condition when defecation becomes rarer than usual because the feces are dry and hard so it is very difficult to be removed and will cause pain when defecating. A person who is suffering from constipation do not usually defecate for 3 days or less than three times a week, for adults and 5 days or more for children. Constipation more often suffered by women than men, especially in pregnant women, most of them often get the problem of constipation. Besides that, age also affected, especially elderly women are also prone to constipation.

Causes of constipation disease
Why did constipation happen? Constipation can occur due to several factors. Here are some of the causes:
• Stress and emotional instability
• Side effects of drugs
• Abnormalities in the anatomy of the digestive system, hormones, and colon are less elastic
• Diet and lack of exercise
• Lack of fiber and vitamin C.
• Holding down or delaying bowel movements in a long time
• Electrolyte imbalance and excess fiber
• Blockage by disease
• Pregnancy
• Abuse of drugs

Symptoms of constipation
Beside difficult to defecate, symptoms or signs of a person who is affected constipation, mainly adults are abdominal pain, obstruction, flatulence, feeling something is clogging, pain or bleeding during defecating. While constipation in infants or children characterized by weeping when defecating because of pain, pulling the leg toward the stomach, or up to arch the back when going to defecate.
Overcoming constipation disease quickly is important, because constipation that lasts in the long term will lead to severe complications of other diseases, such as:
1.   Hemorrhoids. Constipation happens in a long time and often can lead to widening of blood vessels around the rectum.
2.   Tearing of the rectum (Anal Fissure). Hard dry large feces can potentially injure or tear the rectum so that it can bleed.
3.   Fecal Impaction. Chronic constipation caused collecting hard feces which will stuck in the colon and cannot be removed through regular defecation.
4.   Rectal Prolapse. Hard feces when constipation can cause rectal or more parts protrude out of the rectum.

How to resolve constipation disease
There are many ways to cope with the disease-causing constipation, depending on the cause of the constipation itself, ranging from changing lifestyle or by taking laxative medication.
A.   Changing lifestyles
Changing lifestyle to be more healthy not only can cope with constipation but it also can prevent constipation are coming back. Here's what you can do to prevent or treat constipation:
·         Regular exercise every day. Intestinal muscle strength and movement will increase with exercise or physical activity. In other words, sports are very instrumental in improving the digestive system, and helps to overcome constipation.
·         Increase your intake of fiber for the body. Body who consume foods with plenty of fiber will make feces become softer and slippery so it will be easily removed through the intestine. So, consume foods that contain lots of fiber such as fruits or vegetables every day, especially fresh papaya fruit. But do not overdo or directly consume them in large quantities because it can make you even bloating. Start slowly so as to make you more comfortable.
·         Do not postpone defecation. When your body is wanted to defecate, you should obey, do not hold it. Because procrastinating shitting in a long time will make the feces stuck and hardened so that in the end it will be difficult to be removed.
shallots vs constipation
B.   Taking the benefits of the plants around you.
There are many kind of spices especially shallots that can cure constipation. The fiber that is contain shallots can help remove toxins and hard feces which is stuck in the intestines. If you suffer from constipation, do not hesitate to eat raw onion.

Well, that is my short article about alternative medicine, hope it will be useful for us. Stay healthy and keep finding the new benefits of the spices around us.

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