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Benefits of Banana Leaves for Body Endurance

Alternative Medicine – Overall, our immune system (immune) do a remarkable job in preventing diseases caused by microorganisms. But sometimes the system fails: a microbe managed to penetrate the defenses and make us sick.

banana leaf is very benefit for the body endurance
Body endurance
The immune system is a system - not a single process, - which means influenced by many factors in order to work properly. Then, we can increase endurance to be stronger? That requires harmony and balance. Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, rest, stress and supplement that enter the body greatly affect the level of endurance.

The reduced level of endurance is usually marked with getting flu, fever, sore throat, cough, and infections easily. Transition season usually makes people susceptible to decreased immunity, so the virus invades the body easily and causes symptoms. Aside from eating foods that can boost the immune system, we also need to do some things in order not susceptible to a variety of viruses and bacteria. We can do natural way to keep our body endurance to stay in a good condition. One of natural thing that can be used is banana leaves.

influenza, when the level of body endurance's reduced

How to keep our body endurance using banana leaves:
Banana leaves can improve the weak immune system. Perhaps this is a strange thing but allantolin, the substance is stored in a banana leaf that can be turned into an anti-oxidant can be produced. Besides being able to increase endurance, banana leaf can also ward off free radicals that is increasingly dangerous.

In the banana leaves, there is a substances called polyphenols which are usually used as an antioxidant. The content is beneficial for the body to prevent disease and fight free radicals. You do not need to eat a banana leaf to get the benefit from it, you just need to wrap your food in banana leaves so the food you eat can absorb this content from the leaves.

herbal remedies with banana leaves
Banana Leaves

Other things that can done to keep our body endurance:
1.    Enough sleep
Having enough sleep, your body will regain their strength. Prolonged sleep deprivation will affect the physical and mental health, and the quality of life in general. When the night's sleep, the body has time to regenerate cells and refreshment for the activity the next day.
2.    Avoid cigarettes
Smoking can interfere the basic immune system, and increases the risk of many other diseases.
3.    Manage stress
Stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol, and if prolonged and not managed well can suppress the immune system slowly.
4.    Eating lots of fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables will provide essential nutrients to support the immune system. Consider including fruits and vegetables in every meal.
5.    Adequate sunlight
Exposure to sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D, which is certainly very good for the body as a whole. Lack of vitamin D may increase the risk of respiratory infections. A study in 2010 on children shows that intake of 1,200 IU of vitamin D per day will reduce the risk of influenza A significantly.
6.    Sport
Regular exercise each day will increase metabolism in general, help keep in shape, as well as strengthening the body's defense system against disease.
7.    Consumption of garlic
Garlic is a natural anti-microbial agent and can boost immunity. However, cooking the onions can kill the compounds essential to support our immune system. For it is better to serve it raw, and add to the dish before serving. Garlic that was old is believed to be better, because of the natural aging process will increase the level of the antioxidant content of garlic, and also the smell was not too sharp.

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