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Using Ginger to Vanish Acne

Alternative MedicineAcne is a condition when the skin pores are clogged so that it causes the sac of pus getting inflammation. Acne is a pain which is often suffered by many people. Kligmann, a world famous researcher of acne problem argue, that “there is no one in the world get through their life without acne on their skin".  Perhaps the cause is the change of the hormone which stimulates the sweat gland in the skin. The other hormone changes/alterations that can stimulate the appearance of the acne are menstruation period, pregnancy, consumption of family planning pill (contraception) and stress.

curing acne using ginger
Acne often makes the sufferer feel pain and become unconfident. The swollen acne/pimple can cause the pain and disturb our comfortableness when doing our activity. One of the method to reduce the swollen of the pimples/acne is by using or consumption of chemical medicine or herbs.

The use of herbs is often chosen by many people because it is safer to be consumed. Whereas, the use of chemical medicine need to control the dosage. Some of the herbs that can prevent and vanish acne/pimple are garlic and ginger. The benefits of ginger is not only for vanishing and preventing the acne but also can vanish the acne scars. 

Ginger has a lot of benefits forboth as spices and herbs. It’s often used in the food and beverage as the flavor which give a hot and unique taste. Ginger contains many kinds of vitamin such as; vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. besides that, it also contains gingerol substance, zingeron, shogaol, lemonin and atsiri oil. These substances which can give many benefits for the body and also for the skin to vanish the pimple/acne.
The atsiri oil in ginger, zingiberana, zingiberol, bisabolena, kukumen gingerol, filandrena, and bitter resin are the substance which can prevent and vanish pimple/acne. If the pimples are getting become inflammation, ginger is also good to cure inflammation and infection. The gingerol substance, shagaol dan singiban enzyme can reduce the inflammation, itchiness and the pain. Ginger contains anti-oxidant substance which can prevent the body from free radicals that is caused by the air pollution, so that it can help the skin to stay healthy, prevent from the premature aging, and prevent from the bacterial infection that can cause acne. 

The way using ginger to vanish pimple/acne:
1.       Ginger tea
a.       Wash and clean the ginger.
b.       Peal it then slice it into small pieces.
c.       Put them into your tea.
d.       Drink it every morning to get the maximum result
e.       Don’t drink ginger tea too much to avoid the problem with your digestive system such as bloating and belching.

vanishing pimple by drinking ginger tea
Tea and Ginger
2.       Ginger Mask
a.       Wash and clean the ginger.
b.       Mash ginger until soft.
c.       Before using it, don’t forget to wash your face with soap or milk cleanser then dry with towel.
d.       Rub the mashed ginger to the area of the acne appear and massage your face gently.
e.       Let it for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.
f.        Rinse one more time with cold water to close the pores of your skin.
g.       Dry the face with the towel. To get the maximum result use the ginger mask twice a week regularly for prevention and vanishing.

ginger mask to vanish acne and acne scarr
Ginger Mask
Well, that’s the benefits of ginger. Hope it can be the consideration to choose the best way to do treatment with your skin problem.
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