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Using Ginger to Cure Arthritis

Alternative Medicine – Arthritis is a chronic disease and often occurs for a lifetime. The sufferer can be men or women who are more than 55 years old.  The arthritis sufferer will get swollen and stiff on their joint so that it causes the body difficulty move on and feel pain. If we let the pain without any treatment, this kind of disease will cause the damage of the tissue. There are some kinds of arthritis, they are:
ginger to cure arthritis

·   Osteoarthritis (OA) – Osteoarthritis is a kind of arthritis which is often found in the diagnose process. This disease is caused by the broken of the cartilage on the joint part. When the cartilage is broken, the muscle (ligament) and the other part of the joint will be pulled when the body move, so that it can cause pain.
·        Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) – RA is an arthritis inflammation where sinovium (liquid layer of joints protector) get inflammation so that causes swollen and pain. If we let it without any treatment, RA will cause defor on the joints.
·         Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) – JRA is an arthritis which attack the young sufferer under 16 years old. JRA is divided into three types, they are: pauciartikular JRA (4 joints are attacked); poliartikular JRA (more than 4 joints are attacked and the condition is getting worse); systemic JRA (the arthritis attack a whole body).
ginger to cure arthritis

The factors that causes Arthritis
To cure and understand about arthritis, we have to know the factors that make this disease emerge. Joints are the parts of the bone muscle system where two or more bones meet, such as knee and waist. The edge of these bones are covered by cartilages, a smooth material such as sponge and thin coating which is called as synovia that can release synovial liquid.  This liquid is a natural lubricant of the joints that can make the bone move through the other bone smoothly when the body move.
We get arthritis when the joints part get inflammation. the inflammation can be caused by the lack of synovial  liquid, the broken of the cartilage, infection, autoimmune disease, or some other factors, such as:
·    Genetic factors
·    Injury in the past time
·    Working with a lot of physical stressing.
·    Infection or allergic reaction
·    Obesity

The treatment that can be done:
·         Aspirin which can control and cure the pain and the symptom
·         Hot therapy to decrease the swollen
·         Taking enough rest
·         Doing proper sport
·         Healthy food
·         Physical therapy
·         Losing weight
·         Consume ginger

ginger to cure arhtritis

The last treatment is a good and safe way to cure and prevent arthritis because ginger is a good and benefit herb. Ginger contains some substances that can block COX. COX is chemical substance in the body that responsible about the inflammation. Some chemical medicines to block COX usually have negative affect for the body. But ginger is a natural herbal medicine which has the same benefit and without negative effect. 

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