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Natural Remedies to Heal Dandruff with Banana Leaf

Alternative Medicine – Do you have some hair problems such as dandruff, banana leaf is the solution. Banana is a plant that is useful for health. Not only the fruit that can be used to protect the health of the skin give the nutrition which is needed by the body, but banana leaf also has many benefits. This is the explanation for the health benefits of banana leaves your hair problem.
natural remedies to cure dandruff

Banana leaves contain carbohydrates that can provide satiety longer in the stomach. Except contains carbohydrates, this fruit can contain minerals and vitamins that are high enough such as vitamin C, vitamin E, high calorie, potassium, manganese, vitamin B6 and other nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, carotene, amino acids, to vitamins A. Not only the fruit that contains a high nutrient content, but the leaves also contain natural ingredients that act to maintain healthy skin.
The highest content of banana leaves is the content of allantolin that contribute to update the dead skin cells on your skin structure. Antioxidant ingredients can neutralize toxins in the body until it contains anti-inflammatory substances. Therefore, if you want to know the benefits of banana leaves, immediately refer to the descriptions in the continuation of the discourse below.

In this article we are going to know more about dandruff and how to do the natural remedies with banana leaf to heal it.

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Dandruff affects half of the world's population at some point in their lives - so the dandruff is very common, and very reasonable. Starting with the oil on your scalp, called sebum, and very small organisms that live on the scalp every person - called Malassezia globosa (sounds more daunting than it actually is!). For those who are sensitive to these organisms, it entered dandruff, with the most visible characteristic that is flaky scalp. Flaky scalp is usually not visible, but when the scalp is disturbed, the body reacts by accelerating cycle of skin cells. These cells accumulate on the surface of the scalp and dandruff flakes visible.

What causes dandruff?
There are three factors necessary for the formation of dandruff conditions:
1.  Malassezia globosa: This is a micro-organism that is owned by everyone, and some people are sensitive to it.
2.    Oil the scalp: Malassezia globosa consuming oil on our scalps, known as sebum.
3.    Individual Sensitivity: How scalp reacts to a substance that is different for each person

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What are the symptoms?
Signs of dandruff is most striking is the sighting of debris on the Head, Shoulders, hair and clothes. There are also some symptoms of dandruff that you can only feel, such as the scalp dry, tight or itchy, and your scalp may look reddish. Given some conditions like psoriasis can cause flaking of the scalp, see your doctor if you wear for a few weeks but did not see any difference

How to Heal Dandruff with Banana Leaf?

Banana leaves contain natural ingredients that can heal small cuts in your skin. Not only heals wounds, but this banana leaf is also useful to treat skin problems such as dandruff, sunburn and eczema. To make potions banana leaves, you simply need to create a fresh banana leaf extract juice and gradually use in curing skin disorders.
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