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Natural Remedies to Cure Fever with Banana Leaf

Alternative MedicineFever is a condition when the body temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius. Mild to severe infections can cause fever. Fever is part of the immune processes that are against infections caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites. In addition, fever may also occur when a person is too long in the sun or due to diseases such as hyperthyroidism and arthritis.

Fever is considered extremely high and potentially dangerous if the body temperature reaches 39° Celsius or more. High body temperature indicates the occurrence of serious infections in the body.

natural remedies to cure fever


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Fever often disappear by themselves within a few days. But to treat the fewer fever, some hot-lowering drugs can be bought in pharmacies. Read the manufacturer's instructions and follow the recommended dosage.

Symptoms that accompany the fever depends on the cause of the fever itself.
The following are examples of symptoms that can accompany a fever:
ü  Headache
ü  Cold sweat
ü  Chills
ü  Cough
ü  Sore throat
ü  Pain in the ear
ü  Diarrhea and vomiting
ü  Muscle Pain
ü  Loss of appetite
ü  Feeling of fatigue

The best examination to measure of the body temperature is using a thermometer. Do not rely on palpation hand to ensure a fever or not. Fever may not necessarily be a serious condition, but there are some situations that require immediate medical assistance.
Here are other symptoms to watch:
Ø  Severe Headache
Ø  vomiting continuously
Ø  The eyes become sensitive to bright light
Ø  rash appears and spreads quickly
Ø  The neck feels stiff and sore when down
Ø  Shortness of breath and pain in the chest
Ø  Seizures
Ø  Pain during urination
Ø  Muscle movements and senses weaken

Beside consume drugs that can be bought in the drugstore, we can also many kinds of alternative medicine to cure fever. One of the best way is using banana leaves to cure it. Banana leaves has many benefits to be used as natural remedies for some disease. One of them is to cure this kind disease.
benefit of banana leaves to cure fever
Banana Leaves has Many Benefits

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May be it seems weird, but it’s true that banana leaves can be used to heal fever.

How to cure fever using banana leaves:
Take the young banana leaves by 1 midrib. Then wipe and rub its surface with coconut oil. After that, paste on the forehead, neck, abdomen and back of the child. Wait a minute then in a short time your child fever heat will decrease and cheerful. Good luck.

Natural remedies that can be done to cure fever in children

how to cure fever using banana leaves for children
Fever in Children

Provide 3-4 banana leaf stalks which are still young. Make the leaf into a sheet and then heated on a fire to look like wet. Cut along the lines of banana leaves into small sheets with a width of 5 fingers hands of adults. Create as much as possible at least 5 pieces. Take one sheet to put on the child's face while the left hand presses banana leaves slowly. Adherence starting from the face and slowly come down. If you pull down when it feels sticky, it was a sign of banana leaves are at work. Typically, this can be torn the banana leaves, if a bad wind excessive in the body. Repeat until 4-5 sheets, but by using a banana leaf that has not been used. Each sheet of banana leaf can only be used for disposables. Because if it is already in use banana leaves are usually the color changed to black.
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