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Migraine Can Be Cured By Ginger

Alternative MedicineMany people often feel headache. Actually there are some kinds of headache. Migraine is one of the headache which is often severed by many people. Migraine is chronic disorders which is noted by the happening of mild headache to severe headache. It often relates to the symptoms of autonomy nerve system.

migraine can be cure with ginger

The symptoms are unilateral headache (happen only on a half of the head), throbbing and lasts for two hours to seventy two hours. The other symptoms which is followed are nausea, gag, photo-phobia (become more sensitive of the light), become more sensitive of the voice, and the pain become severer when doing the physical activities.
About one third of the migraine sufferer often feel visual, speaking and motoric problem which become the symptoms that the headache is going to appear soon.
Don’t let the migraine become severer. Actually there are many kinds of natural medicine around us to heal headache such as ginger. This kind of herb that seskuiterpena substance that can make the special smell of the ginger. Whereas, the other substance which is contained in ginger that can give a hot taste are monoterpena and aldehyde substance. Those substances can be useful for anti-nausea and anti-vomit. Besides that, ginger is also very useful for anti-inflammation and the pain relief.
use ginger to heal migraine
Ginger Powder
All the benefits above make this kind of herb can be used to cure and heal the migraine. Besides that the useful of ginger for anti-nausea and anti-vomit is very benefit to prevent and heal the migraine. Because ginger is not toxic, it also benefit to cure migraine for children.
Using ginger as a medicine is not difficult. Here is the way to make it:
1.       Take the dried ginger power. Use dosage 0.5 gram for adult and children above 6 years. If we want to recover soon, drink it 4 times a day.
2.       Take a thumb of ginger, burn up then crush it. Pour a glass of hot water and add a little brown sugar and dink it. Drink it three times a day.
many benefits of ginger

Hope it’s will be useful for us.
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