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How to Cure a Wound with Banana Leaf

Alternative MedicineA wound is a type of injury which happens relatively quickly in which skin is torn, cut, or punctured (an open wound), or where blunt force trauma causes a contusion (a closed wound). In pathology, it specifically refers to a sharp injury which damages the dermis of the skin (Wikipedia).

benefit of banana leaves for curing wound
wound on a finger

There are some types of a wound which are important to be known:
1.      Cut/Stab Wound
It is a kind of a wound caused by sharp object. These wounds can penetrate the skin and cause bleeding. The level of depth of the wound and the amount of bleeding depends on the cause of the wound appliance, the magnitude of trauma / impact, and the affected body part. For example stab wounds to the abdomen / chest for robbery / murder could be fatal, but cuts in the fingers when cutting vegetables are usually mild.
2.      Scars/Laceration
Scars/Laceration is a wound that is caused scratches of a sharp objects such as nails, horns, pencils, and others.
3.      Abrasions
Abrasions is partly flaky skin and generally not much bleeding out. Blisters can be caused by a fall or slip.

Wounds should be treated well to stop and prevent bleeding. Bleeding too much can be life-threatening risk. Wound treatment also aims to prevent infection during the wound healing process.

Almost everyone has experienced wound and bleeding. In children, wounds often occur due to various reasons such as slips, falls, fights, and others. Wounds can be mild and can be treated at home, but can also be serious and require immediate medical assistance.

How to Prevent Wounds
Children who are active and inquisitive at greater risk of being hurt because of various reasons. To prevent injury and wounds, keep the object / dangerous objects such as sharp knives, breakable objects, and weapons out of the reach of children. When they are old enough to use a knife and scissors by themselves, teach them how to use it properly and warn that they need to be careful when using it. In certain intervals, do double check the house, garage and your home page. If you find objects that are likely hazardous to your child, place these objects away from their reach.

First aid that we can do if we or our children were wounded:
1.      Control yourself and keep calm.
2.      Press the wound for 5 to 10 minutes using clothes, napkin or the others.
3.      Clean the wound and bandage the wound
4.      Give iodine and anti-biotic or use the banana leaves
5.      See the doctor soon if you got a serious wound
natural remedies using banana leaves to cure wound
Banana Leaf

Banana leaves can be used as a medicine. The first benefit of banana leaves is can be used to cure a wound naturally. This treatment can be a natural remedies for someone who got injuries or wounds.

How to use banana leaves as a natural alternative medicine:
1.    Clean the banana leaves by washing it.
2.    Smooth the leaves by grind it
3.    Paste it on the area of the wound.
how to cure wound using banana leaves
Banana Leaves
Remember do this tip only for mild wound. If we got serious wound we have to see the doctor soon.
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nice info...Wanna live healthier visit for excellent tips N tricks :)..thx

nice info...Wanna live healthier visit for excellent tips N tricks :)..thx

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