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Ginger to Prevent from Hair Loss

Alternative MedicineHair is a crown for women, but nowadays hair is not only a crown for women but also for men. In this modern era, men also care a lot about their performance and style include their hair style. Furthermore, some men are not hesitate to visit a salon only for having a treatment for their hair
use ginger to prevent hair loss
Hair Loss
A lot of men occasionally do not realize that some habits can make them losing their hair. This condition can make their head become bald.  A research has found the cause of balding that is caused by a gen which makes the failure of hair cell production and growing. But, the scientist has not find the effective method to cure balding yet.

Here are some cause of hair loss:

1.      Having breakfast rarely.
Hair consist of keratin, the substance which can give power for the hair. Keratin is depend on the protein consumed, so our hair will easily loss if we don’t get any nutrition in the morning.
2.      Scratching the head too hard while washing hair.
It can hurt the skin of the head and can pull the hair root out so it can break the hair follicle. 
3.      Coloring the hair.
There are some facts of using material which contain oil hair coloring can damage the hair follicle. Moreover, it can make the hair stop growing.
4.      Iron substance.
The lack of iron in our head can cause hair loss.
5.      Smoking
A new research which is published by Archives of Dermatology Journal shows that smoking can cause cancer, heart attack and also can make the hair unhealthy.
After we know the cause of hair loss, we can find the solutions to prevent it. One of them is using natural medicine. Ginger is one of herbs which can be used to make natural medicine to prevent form hair loss. This solution is very suitable for us who find the natural and alternative way to be healthy. Here are the tips using ginger for preventing from balding and keep our hair to stay healthy.

prevention of hair loss
The benefits of ginger to prevent hair loss
1.      Peal the fresh ginger and then grate it until become smooth part. You can also cut it using knife until the hard texture vanished. Then prepare oil in a bowl.
2.      Put a spoon of the ginger in tea paper bag or a clean layer thin clothe, then wrap it and squeeze it until the essence left. After that mix with the oil in a bowl gently.
3.      Rub and massage the head with it on all part of the hair. Let it for ten minutes then rinse with shampoo. For those who have sensitive head, avoid using this concoction because it can be worse.
it's good to use ginger to keep our hair stay healthy

Well, it’s very easy, isn’t it? This concoction make the hair sparkle and make it healthier. Do the treatment regularly to get the best and maximum result. Hope this information will be useful. Good luck and enjoy!
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