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Ginger to Heal Breathing Problem

Alternative MedicineLungs is the important part of our body to keep alive.  If this part gets any problem automatically the health of our body will decrease drastically. Breathing problem is relate with it. The most common breathing problem which often sever by the people is cough and influenza. There are many factors that cause this health problem such as: virus and transmission.

one of the benefits of garlic is curing breathing problem
Breathing Problem

Influenza is a transmission disease which use air to transmit it. Those who are contaminated, usually breathe the contaminated air by the droplet.  Weather also affect to this condition. In cold weather virus can work dominantly and the temperature can be so humid. This condition can make the small droplet transmit or spread easily.

Cough happen caused by bacteria, virus, dust or pollen or other substances which trouble the duct air cavity between the lungs and the throat. Whereas chronic cough happen caused of the serious disease in the body. Cough is a disease which is difficult to be cured. It’s because taking too long time to be fully recovered from it. Sometimes, although we have drunk the medicine, unfortunately the cough still trouble us.
ginger can cure cough

Ginger is include the kind of natural expectorant which useful to relieve the breathing/respiratory system. It can break and vanish sputum/phlegm so that it can get out easily and restore the respiratory system as usual. Ginger also has been used for a long time for health and medical purposes. It’s also used generally by the medical practitioners to heal fever and influenza. It’s because ginger has anti-histamine and good decongestant ability.
add lemon or honey or both to make better ginger drink to heal cough and influenza
The Best Mixture of Ginger Lemon and Honey

We can use this kind of herb to heal the breathing problem simply and naturally. Here is the way to make a medicine from ginger to heal your breathing problem:

Firstly: prepare the ingredients. They are ginger (you just need a thumb of ginger), and the boiled water.

Secondly: grate the ginger and put it in a cup. Then, add the boiled water. Don’t’ forget to stir it well
Thirdly: drink it after cold or you can drink it while it is warm. You can also add lemon or honey as the flavor of ginger boiled water. If the taste still too hot or spicy you can add more water. 
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