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Ginger Prevent Motion Sickness

Alternative Medicine – Doing travel for such a long trip by land, water or air transportation should be very fun. But it’s not for those who usually get motion sickness. Sometimes our trip is disturbed due to the condition of our body that decreases caused by motion sickness. When someone get motion sickness, he/she will feel nausea, headache and feel pain on the head, the body is getting tired, sweat out, the saliva increase, and the skin looks pale. This condition become a big problem for someone who wants to do a long trip. In addition, someone who often gets motion sickness always feel lazy to have a trip because they are afraid to get motion sickness.

tips to prevent from motion sickness
Motion Sickness
Based on the experts’ opinion, not everyone has tendency to get motion sickness. So don’t be astonished if there is someone who get motion sickness in the beginning of the trip. Of course it’s very annoying. Therefore, someone who always get motion sickness should anticipate when they are going to have a trip.
Here are some tips/methods which can be done to heal motion sickness:
  1. Sit on the front.
  2.  Focus on outlook.
  3. Make the air circulation well.
  4. Place your head in a good and stable position.
  5. Do a lot of rest.
  6. Try to sleep.
    listen to music and try to sleep
    Listening Music and Try to Sleep!
  7. Focus on the other things such as; listening music, singing and playing with other passengers.
  8. Avoid seeing downward.
  9. Choose the good road/way. 
  10. Drink anti-motion sickness medicine before the trip.
  11. No eating too much.
  12. Avoid drinking alcohol.
  13. Avoid smelling strong scent.
  14.  Avoid the smoke.
  15.  Eat some snack
  16. Don’t let your body get dehydration.
  17. Eat mint and chewing gum.
  18. Consume ginger.
  19. Use cajuput oil.
  20. Just throw it out when you cannot hold it.
    extract ginger to prevent from motion sickness
    Extract Ginger
Method/tips number eighteen is very natural and safer to do because ginger is a very useful herb to be consumed. Ginger can be consumed as a medicine to avoid motion sickness. This herb believed can decrease nausea, heal motion sickness and also jet lag. We don’t need to consume ginger directly. We can consume extract ginger in the form of beverage or a snack. But make sure the beverage is originally made from extract ginger.
Well hope this tips will be useful. Good luck! 
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