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Ginger Prevent from Irregularly Menstruation Cycles

Alternative Medicine – Irregularly menstruation is a condition when the menstruation cycle become slower, faster, or even doesn’t occur. Menstruation is the process of uterine wall dropping which release become blood. It usually happens for 3 to 7 days. Normally menstruation cycle happen for 28 to 35 days and occurs 11 to 13 times for one year. Every woman experience the different menstruation cycle, it can be slower or faster.
Unregularly Menstruation can be prevent with ginger
Menstruation Cycle
Menstruation occurs Irregularly if the cycle runs unless than 21 days or more than 35 days. The menstruation also happens Irregularly if the cycle runs differently in every month and the volume of the blood differently released, it can be much or just a little.
The Irregularly menstruation often occurs when someone experience it for the first time. It is caused by the hormone which is not balance yet. But, if someone’s menstruation occurs Irregularly not in the first time or in the first year, it can be the problem of Irregularly menstruation cycle such as; metrorrhagiaoligomenorrhea, menometrorrhagia, and amenorrhea.
Ø  Metrorrhagia is menstruation which happens Irregularly but it occurs every month.
Ø  Oligomenorrhea is the condition when the menstruation cycle happens more than for 35 days so that in a year it can only happens for 6 to 8 times.
Ø  Amenorrhea is the condition when the menstruation cycle stops after more than 3 months.
Ø  Menometrorrhagia is the menstruation which last for a long time and more blood released but it often happens.
Unregularly Menstruation Cycle can be cured with ginger
Unregularly Menstruation Cycle
What cause the menstruation cycle often occurs unregularly?
It’s said that if the menstruation cycle doesn’t occurs Irregularly in the first time or in the puberty time, someone’s may be experience other medical problem/conditions. Here are some of the factors that can cause menstruation cycle occurs Irregularly:
1.       Pregnancy (it’s not a medical case/normally happen)
2.       Contraception tools
3.       Doing sport overly
4.       Polycystic ovary syndrome
5.       Having problem with tiroid hormone

The way to solve Irregularly menstruation cycle
We need to know the factors of the menstruation problem so we can decide the way to prevent and solve the Irregularly menstruation cycle. Here are some of the way can be done:
ü  Do sport well or not overly
ü  Change the appropriate contraception tools
ü  Do a treatment for the Tiroid problem and Polycystic ovary syndrome
ü  Consult your problem if you get stress which make weight of your body drastically decrease.
The Irregularly menstruation cycle is very annoying for women. Besides doing above activities we can also try this simple and natural tips to prevent from the Irregularly menstruation cycle. We can drink tea mixed with ginger and brown sugar.
Unregularly Menstruation Cycle can be prevented with ginger
Ginger mixed with Tea
1.       Prepare ginger, brown sugar, hot boiled water and tea.
2.       Make a glass of hot tea like what we always do.
3.       Burn up the ginger, crush it
4.       Put the crushed ginger and the brown sugar into the glass of the tea
5.       Stir well then you can enjoy it. Drink it when the tea is still hot to feel the delicious of this kind of drink.
It’s ever said that Chinese people do this to solve their menstruation problem and to cure other diseases. But remember don’t drink ginger for pregnant women. Because ginger can affect to their pregnancy. Although it’s still become controversy. It’s better to be more carefully. Good luck!

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