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Ginger Can Make Our Digestive System Healthier

Alternative MedicineWe all know that fruit is very useful for our digestive system. Beside that there are some herbs that is also benefit for our body and our digestive system. One of them is ginger. Many people often have problem with their digestive system. It can be caused by some factors. Commonly, it’s caused by the wrong diet. The others can be:
using ginger to help us solving our digestive problem
Digestive System Problem

1.      Irregular eating, such as; eating too much or too often.
It’s better for us to eat one third of the maximum of our stomach capacity, one third for the water and one third for the air.

2.      Eating and drinking at the same time.
It can melt the seepage in the stomach.

3.      Eating too fast.
This activity can’t make the process of chewing become optimum, the food is only chewed for a few times. This make the digestive process imperfectly done. 

4.      Under pressure and age factor.
When someone get stress, their body will release hormone which containing certain chemicals that are toxic. The hormone will affect the chemical reaction in the body so that the digestive process can be troubled. The old people commonly have digestive system which do not work well and optimally anymore.

healthy drink to solve your digestive problem
Those factors can trouble the digestive system and it will show some symptoms. They are:
1.      Body odor and smelly breath.
2.      Slowly digesting the food consumed.
3.      The hair is break and dry.
4.      Fart too often after eating.
5.      Having no power and lack of appetite.
6.      The nails are fragile and breakable.
7.      Having problem with their skin.
8.      Bone and teeth are easily break.

ginger is benefit for your drink
Ginger Drink
We can use ginger to solve this problem by creating a natural and healthy drink. There are many various kind of ginger drink. We just need crushed garlic or sliced garlic and hot water to make the simplest and healthy ginger drink. Some researchers have been done and found that ginger can be the facilitator of digestive process. This herb allegedly can control the high sugar content which can disturb our digestive system. Ginger also has substance that can increase the absorbing of nutrition and mineral from the food consumed. Besides that, in the cold weather or rainy season there are many bacteria and virus that can make us getting diarrhea. Drinking ginger regularly can solve this problem. It’s because the nutrition in the ginger decrease the gas levels in the stomach and prevent from abdominal cramps. Here is the way to get the maximum result of using ginger for digestive system:   pour one tablespoon of sliced fresh ginger in a cup of hot water for ten to fifteen minutes. Strain and then you can enjoy the drink. Please try it! and good luck!
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