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Ginger Can Improve Blood Circulation

Alternative Medicine – Every organs in our body need smooth blood circulation so that the organ can run well and normally as it should be. Blood carries the nutrients to all parts of our body. It also acts in delivery and spread the oxygen, hormone, antibiotic and the medicines which are needed by all the parts of the body.  Someone who has good and normal blood circulation is one who has well immune system. Blood is not only useful for as the transportation system, but also as the taker and dumping dirt in the human body. Blood helps the body release the dirt which is not needed by certain organs. It also has a function to cure diseases by flowing the nutrient and medicine.  
having ginger to make the blood circulation stay normal
Blood Circulation
The blood circulation in our body is very important to run well and normally. If there is something wrong with our blood system we can get a lot of problems. There are a lot of way to keep our blood circulation runs well. One of them is using herb such as ginger. Ginger has a lot of benefits such as; healing breathing problem and making our body warmer in the cold weather, beside that ginger is also useful to keep the blood circulation runs well. Gingerol which contains in ginger is anti-coagulant which can prevent the happening of blood clotting. Preventing the blockage of blood vessels can help us avoid stroke and heart attack.
avoid stroke naturally
Here is the way to use ginger keep the blood circulation runs well:
Actually we just need to make ginger as beverage and there are many kinds of ginger drinks. But this tip is good to be tried.

·         Ginger/Red Ginger      75-80 grams
·         Water                          1 liters
·         Fresh milk                   500 ml
·         Sugar                          100 grams
·         Cardamom                  2
·         Cinnamon                   4 cm
·         Brown sugar               1 table spoon
·         Clove                          2

·         Cut the ginger become small size
·         Burn up to half wilted
·         Then crush it
·         Boil all the ingredients above except sugar and milk
·         Remove the ingredients boiled after the water left a half
·         Serve it when it’s still hot add sugar as you want. (add not too much sugar so that you get the maximum benefit of the ginger drink)
·         Add the fresh milk which has been boiled separate with the other. Boil it by stirring it until it is getting boiled. Because the nutrients contain in it can be break if it is boiled too long.
Hope it will be benefits for us! 
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