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Ginger Can Eradicate Cancer Cells

Alternative Medicine – The nutrients which is contained in the ginger can be very benefits for helping to eradicate the growth of the cancer cells. Some studies found that the benefits of the ginger extract can eradicate many kinds of cancer such as ovarian cancer and colon cancer and the other cancers.
ginger is an anti-cancer herb

Based on the research which is published in journal “Food and Chemical Toxicology” May 2007, ginger has a lot of benefits such as anti-inflammation and anti-cancer. Y. Shuka and M. Singh, the ginger researcher on Industrial Toxicology Research Centre in India Have been success to identify some substances which can be anti-cancer from ginger. The substances are vallinoid, gingerol, paradol, shogaol and zingeron.
In other research which is done by the researcher from Comprehensive Cancer Center in Michigan University has done a research about the chemical effect of ginger against cancer of the uterus. Ginger effectively can kill the cells of uterus cancer which has immune against the standard medical, said Dr. J Rebecca Liu, the assistant of The Professor in Obstetric and gynecologic Department in the medical faculty of Michigan University.  Ginger kills the cancer cells through two mechanism of the cells death. They are apoptosis and autophagy.  Apoptosis process is a programmed cancer suicide which is done by the cell itself. Whereas autophagy is a process of the cell components destruction which is done by an organ inside the cell which is namely Lysosome.
A new research in Saudi Arabia found that ginger may become one treatments to cure breast cancer.
Then the experts begin to show their excitements on raw ginger extract. It happened because ginger has been proofed that it has anti-cancer substance same with the statement in last research.   Based on some other research data and facts on some cases, herb plant extract has been proofed that they can fight against the cancer cell better than the chemical medicine. So that the researcher did the further research to find the effect of raw ginger extract against the growth of breast cancer cell.
cure breast cancer and other cancers with ginger

The researcher found that ginger has some amazing effects such as:
1.    Induction the happening of apoptosis process (a suicide program on cell)
2.    Increasing the Bax production (a gen which plays a role in the apoptosis process)
3.    Decreasing the protein content which plays a role in the process of cancer cells recycling.
4.    Increasing the inhibitor CDK and p21 content, an anti-cancer substance.
The researchers found that ginger is also useful to fight against other kind of cancer such as:
1.    Colon cancer (rectum)
2.    Heart cancer
3.    Lungs cancer
4.    Skin cancer (melanoma)
5.    Pancreatic cancer
6.    Other skin cancers
Here is a method to consume ginger to cure this dangerous disease:
the mixture of ginger and honey to cure cancer
Honey and Ginger is a good mixture to cure cancer
1.    Slice two big gingers and mix them with ½ kg honey. Make sure the honey is original.
2.    Put them into a glass bottle and drink a table spoon of it three to four times a day.
3.    Try to use wooden spoon don’t use metals spoon.

And don’t forget to always think positively so that the disease can be cured soon. Stay healthy and good luck!

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