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Ginger Can Cure the Snake Bite Wound

Alternative Medicine – Ginger is such a great herb. It has many benefits. Even it can cure snake bite wound. Rattlesnake is a very dangerous when someone get the venom by its biting. It needs a special treatment to cure this disease and even need specialist like a doctor to do the medical treatment. In this case ginger can help for the first aid and the recovery treatment.
healing snake bite wound with a ginger
snake bite wound

Venom/snake poison is divided into two:
1.    Neurotoxin:
It can paralyze the central nervous system, paralyze the heart and the breathing nervous. This poison is owned by cobra, sea snake and coral snake.
2.    Hemotoxic:
It can invade the blood circulatory system and muscular system and can cause tissue damage, gangrene, and permanent paralysis of moving muscles ability. Toxins produced by this type of snake family Viperidae, example: Rattle Snake, Copped head, and Cotton mouth
Steps to do when someone get snake bite wound:
1.      Tie the upper part tightly so that the poison does not flow in the blood circulation.
2.      Torn the bite wound with a sterile knife or razor blade so that the infection blood can be released. If the blood cannot be released, we have to push it so that it can be released.
If we have cooping tools, we can substitute torn the wound with those tools. The purpose using is releasing the poison in the blood circulation. We can also use ginger to give first aid by mashing the ginger. Then add some salt and place it on the wound.
ginger is effective to cure snake bite wound

3.      After that, bring the sufferer to see the doctor soon. If there is not any doctor around and far from hospital, we have to find cobra bile. If there is not any, we can use other rattlesnake bile. Drink it twice a day for two days. The cobra bile is benefit for vanishing the snake poison in blood circulation.
dangerous snake-the bile can cure its poison
4.   After seeing the doctor or hospital or consume the bile. It’s suggested to drink ginger as much as possible. The ginger can prevent from blood clots caused by the snake poison. So that the other organ cannot be disturb and satay normal. After drinking ginger drink, we can do cooping therapy so that the body can be fit and well anymore.

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