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Benefits of Banana Leaves for Beauty

Alternative Medicine – Did you know, the banana tree is a plant that has the versatile benefits? not just the fruit and the trunk, the leaves actually have tremendous benefits for our bodies, but there are many people who still do not know the benefits contained in it. Therefore this article will discuss the benefits of banana leaves, especially for beauty. 

Beautify your skin with banana leaves
Beautify your skin with banana leaves

In many areas the leaves of banana is usually used as traditional food containers, many people believe that the banana leaf can neutralize toxins contained in the food. It is true because a banana leaf contains antioxidants that are important to neutralize toxins. Besides that, it also contains allantolin that is benefit to remove dead skin cells that can make our skin become brighter.

Beautify your skin with natural alternative medicine
Banana Leaves are often used as food plates/containers

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To find out what are the benefits of banana leaves for skin care, please refer to the discussion below.

The Benefits of Banana Leaf for Beauty:
1.Treating inflammation and itching
Skin inflammation problem can be overcome easily with banana leaves, the way is easy enough. Puree of banana leaves then put on areas of the skin that become inflamed or itching, set aside some time after that rinse with clean water, and do it 2 to 3 times a day to dry quickly and soon the wound healed. It is also very suitable for those who have sensitive skin types and the baby’s skin.

2.For skin care
As has been mentioned earlier, banana leaf contains allantolin which has many benefits for the skin, the content can stimulate the growth of new skin cells to replace the dead or damaged skin cells, otherwise allantonil also an ingredient that is effective to kill germs on the skin so that the can relieve the symptoms of irritation and minor injuries.

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3.Treating burns
Doing activities under the sun can make our skin burned like color of skin flushing until there was a pain. To overcome it, you can use a mask from the banana leaves extract. How to make that, firstly clean the banana leaves and then put into a blender and give a little water, apply a mask of banana leaves on the area of burned skin, let it dry out. After finishing, rinse immediately with cold water. Do it on a regular basis so that burns can be cured.

Beautify your skin with the benefits of banana leaves
Banana Leaves
After you know what the benefits of banana leaves for beauty are, from now on you can use these leaves for a variety of things, especially as a natural skin care. Hope this beauty tips will be useful for all readers. Good luck!

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