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14 Benefits of Ginger

Alternative Medicine – Ginger Zingiber officinale Roxb is planted for the first time in India, and then spread across other tropic area. Ginger is a kind of herb that can grow 30-100 cm high. The shape of its leaf is like a ribbon, arranged in two lines which is zigzag. Ginger has a lot of benefits. People usually use this herb as an alternative medicine.

ginger buds
ginger buds
Ginger can well grow in the low land or mountain area with 1700 meters high above the sea surface. The growth needs soil which contains humus, fertile with high humidity, and open area. The growth is done by plant the slice of the rhizome which has some buds. It’s better to give manure. As we know, this kind of herb has many benefits to cure some diseases. We can use as an alternative medicine and herbal remedies.

ginger plants
ginger plants
The benefits of ginger:
Ginger can be consumed as a medicine to avoid motion sickness. This herb believed can decrease nausea, heal motion sickness and also jet lag. We don’t need to consume ginger directly. We can consume extract ginger in the form of beverage or a snack
Ginger is such a great herb. It has many benefits. Even it can cure snake bite wound. We can use ginger to give first aid by mashing the ginger.
Y. Shuka and M. Singh, the ginger researcher on Industrial Toxicology Research Centre in India Have been success to identify some substances which can be anti-cancer from ginger. The substances are vallinoid, gingerol, paradol, shogaol and zingeron.
Gingerol which contains in ginger is anti-coagulant which can prevent the happening of blood clotting. Preventing the blockage of blood vessels can help us avoid stroke and heart attack.
Ginger is one of herbs which can be used to make natural medicine to prevent form hair loss. This solution is very suitable for us who find the natural and alternative way to be healthy.
This herb allegedly can control the high sugar content which can disturb our digestive system. Ginger also has substance that can increase the absorbing of nutrition and mineral from the food consumed. Besides that, in the cold weather or rainy season there are many bacteria and virus that can make us getti ng diarrhea. Drinking ginger regularly can solve this problem. It’s because the nutrition in the ginger decrease the gas levels in the stomach and prevent from abdominal cramps.
It’s ever said that Chinese people do this to solve their menstruation problem and to cure other diseases. We just need to drink tea mixed with ginger and brown sugar.
Ginger is include the kind of natural expectorant which useful to relieve the breathing/respiratory system. It can break and vanish sputum/phlegm so that it can get out easily and restore the respiratory system as usual. Ginger also has been used for a long time for health and medical purposes.
Ginger can be made become many kinds of drinks to make our body warmer in the cold weather. Moreover, many producer make ginger as the main material to make the medicines produced.
This kind of herb contains seskuiterpena substance that can make the special smell of the ginger. Whereas, the other substance which is contained in ginger that can give a hot taste are monoterpena and aldehyde substance. Those substances can be useful for anti-nausea and anti-vomit. Besides that, ginger is also very useful for anti-inflammation and the pain relief. All the benefits above make this kind of herb can be used to cure and heal the migraine
Consuming ginger before eating can prevent the stomach distended and shrink it. It’s because ginger contains substance that can increase the metabolism and smooth the digestive process. The increasing of metabolism process can burn the calories faster so that the stomach distended can be shrunk.
Ginger contains some substances that can block COX. COX is chemical substance in the body that responsible about the inflammation. Some chemical medicines to block COX usually have negative affect for the body. But ginger is a natural herbal medicine which has the same benefit and without negative effect.
We can consume ginger to decrease the high cholesterol level. Some researches show that consuming ginger regularly can effectively decrease the absorbing of cholesterol in the blood and liver. 
Ginger contains many kinds of vitamin such as; vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. besides that, it also contains gingerol substance, zingeron, shogaol, lemonin and atsiri oil. These substances which can give many benefits for the body and also for the skin to vanish the pimple/acne.

ginger harvesting
ginger harvesting
Well, that is the benefits of ginger. Hope it will be very useful for us. Stay healthy with natural alternative medicine. Good luck!
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