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Garlic to Cure Skin Fungus

Alternative Medicineskin fungus can attack all part of the skin’s body. Skin fungus causes white blotches on the skin. Although it’s not a danger disease but the skin fungus can trouble our performance. Beside it, skin fungus also can cause itchiness so that it can make the sufferer always want to scratch it all the time. Moreover when they get sweaty.

cure the skin fungus with garlic naturally
skin fungus

The cause of skin fungus:
It’s better to know what cause the skin fungus so we can cure it well with the right treatment. Here are the cause of skin fungus:
1.       The moist skin
Fungus will easily grow in the humid places. Skin fungus is able to grow fast when we are wearing shoes for a long time or when our feet still in wet condition. This condition make our feet become moist and spark the growth of fungus.
2.       Contamination
Using clothes or towels of someone who have skin fungus also can be one of skin fungus cause. So, it’s better not to use others’ clothes and towel.
3.       Unhealthy Life style
The unhealthy life style such as rarely taking a bath also can make us suffer skin fungus.
How to vanish skin fungus:
If we get skin fungus, we can do many ways to cure it. Buying medicine in the drugstore can be the easiest way to do. On the other hand, we can do something more natural to cure it. We can use garlic to vanish fungus on our skin. Here is the way you can do.
garlic can be used the skin fungus effectively
garlic is very useful to cure skin fungus
1.       Clean the garlic and then cut it
2.       Grind it on the middle of cotton. To cure on the area of a toe, use a sheet of cotton. When we are going to cure the smaller fingers use a smaller cotton.
3.       Cover the cotton with the other same size cotton. Two sheets of cotton to cover the grinded garlic.
4.       Then tie it with a ribbon or you can tear the cotton to tie it. 
5.       Remove it in three to five hours and replace with the new one. Don’t use the garlic which has been used before use the new one. Use the fresh one to be applied.  
6.       You can also eat one clove of the garlic so you can kill the fungus from inside and outside.
curing the skin fungus with only use garlic and cotton
get the skin healthy with natural tips
Well, that is the way to cure fungus on our skin naturally using garlic!
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