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Garlic is Very Good for Men’s Virility

Alternative MedicineThe benefits of garlic for men. Garlic has a lot of benefits. It can cure and prevent many kinds of diseases, good for women’s fertility and also for men’s virility. Here are the benefits of garlic for men.
benefits for men's virility
Garlic is very good for men
1.      Break dysfunction of erection and impotent.
Garlic is benefit for breaking the dysfunction of erection and impotent. The newest research shows that garlic in the other form can spark the production of enzyme on men who has dysfunction of erection. The enzyme which is called synthase oxide nitrate is good for mechanism called erection.

2.      Increase libido.
Garlic is useful to increase libido. Although the smell of garlic is very strong, the upper layer which can be pealed will become good aphrodisiac tonic. It can be consume regularly with one spoon of honey when the stomach empty.

garlic and honey can increase someone's libido

3.      Increase the blood circulation.
Garlic can increase our blood circulation. The great benefits of garlic is increasing the stream of the blood, mainly to the part of reproduction. Therefore, garlic can increase the vitality and the immune of sexuality for both women and men. As we know that blockage of the arteries and blood circulation can decrease the passion of sex.

4.      Increase the health generally.
Garlic is benefit to increase health generally. Garlic has a lot of benefits for health. It’s good for hypertension, anti-oxidant, skin beauty and many more. Therefore it’s also good for sexuality.

That’s the useful of garlic for men. Beside to make the food become delicious as it’s spices, actually the benefits of garlic for men is very amazing because it can make spouse relationship between us and our spouse. And the most important thing is that garlic is saver than chemical medicine for men’s stamina.

Here is the tips to make a recipe of natural medicine for men’s stamina with garlic and egg:

·         Chicken egg      1
·         Honey               1 tsp.
·         Garlic                2 cloves
the mixing of egg yolk and garlic is great for men
·         Wash the garlic until it’s became clean.
·         Peal and grind it until become smooth.
·         Take the egg yolk (yellow part of the egg).
·         Add the honey and the grinded garlic.
·         Stir and mix all the ingredients well.

Drinks regularly when you need it. 
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