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Garlic is Anti-cancer Herb

Alternative MedicineAwesome, it’s the reaction of researcher when they found the benefits of garlic for the most dangerous disease, Cancer. Garlic deserve to get the name of anti-cancer herb/plant because it contains diallyl sulfide that can be an anti-cancer substance.
prevent cancer with herb and garlic
Fight Against Cancer
The real proof that has been found by the researcher is PhIP substance, one of the form of amino hetero-cyclic (HCA) which can spark breast cancer for woman. From some researches which has been done, the diallyl sulfide substance contained in garlic prevent the growth and transformation of PhIP become carcinogen that could be breast cancer.     
And we have to note that garlic has anti-cancer substance which effectively prevent the growth of the cancer cell from other kinds of dangerous cancer for you.
In the journal of American Cancer Association said that garlic has no side-effect when they kill the cancer cell. “The substance in garlic called diallyl sulfide (DAS), diallyl disulfide (DADS) and diallyl trisulfide (DATS) give prevention from carcinogen.” Said by the researcher, Daily Health Post (05/03).
This research only did in the laboratory and have not been applied to the patient yet. But the researchers is very optimist that the result will good and same with the result in the laboratory. And the research in 2001 also explain that sulfur substance in garlic is good to prevent the growth of cancer.
healing cancer with garlic

How to consume:
We must consume raw garlic to get the maximum benefits in it. Although garlic is delicious when it’s cooked but the cooking process will destroy the enzyme in it. We have known that the enzyme is the substance that can prevent the growth of the cancer cell.   But we also can do this following tips. Grind the garlic or we can slice it become thin layer. Then let it for fifteen minutes before we use it too cook as spice. In fifteen minutes, the chemical reaction will occur which can activate the substance of anti-cancer that can’t be damaged although we cook it. But if we grind or cut it then directly cook it, the chemical reaction can’t be done and automatically the benefits of anti-cancer will loss.
Consume garlic to prevent and heal cancer
Garlic can prevent cancer
The dosage suggested to consume garlic is 4-5 grams per day, it’s about 1-2 cloves. If we consume it too much, it can give a bad smell on our breath and skin, sometimes can make allergic, the problem in our digestive system (vomit, diarrhea, irritation and production of too much gasses). It’s better for us to consume everything in the right dosage and do not consume them overly.
We hope this short article can give many benefits for us thanks!
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