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Garlic for Women’s Fertility

Alternative Medicine – The main substance in garlic is Allin. When the garlic is being grinded, allin will break apart into some substances, one of them is alicin. 

Alicin is a beneficial substance to break the formation of blood clots in artery, reduce the risk of diabetes and also stabilize the blood pressure. Alicin also can be anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammation. 

Garlic is known that it can reduce the risk of miscarriage, strengthen the sperm by expediting the blood circulation and also keep the balance of women’s hormone.   
garlic help woman to keep their fertiity
garlic for woman's fertility
The fertility of reproduction system is very important for someone to have child. It is more sensitive for women than for men and it is needed to be kept intensively. There are some factors that may cause that case. And it is not often realized by some women. Here are some factors that may cause women’s fertility.

1.       Under normal  Weight
The under normal weight could affect the woman prosperity because the hormone become unstable and ovulation disruption can occur.

2.       Cigarette
The poison contained in cigarette can trouble your healthy include your fertility.

3.       Caffeine
Consume too much caffeine also affect to the woman’s fertility. The improvement of ovulation cycle of ovum can be troubled and make it infertile.

4.       Stress
Stress is the most factor that cause infertility because it affects the hormone condition. Avoid this if you want to stay healthy and the reproduction organ stay fertile.

5.       Overly doing exercises.
Doing sport overly become one of the factors that make infertility for women. It makes the body feel tired and stress. There are a lot of women athlete do the exercise overly and they have a problem with their fertility.

6.       Alcohol
Consume alcohol can affect the menstruation period and make the fallopian tube become not so well to transfer the sperm. 

7.       Age
Woman with age more than 40 years will be less fertile. Ideal age for pregnant is 20 – 30 years. 
garlic for woman's fertility
Women Fertility

If you want to get a healthy child, you should avoid those factors to keep your fertility and you can also try this tips
woman's fertility
Natural medicine for woman’s fertility

a.       Garlic                                                                                      2 cloves
b.       Bangle(zingiber casumounar)                                                10 gr
c.        Cinnamon                                                                               5 gr
d.       Greater galingale                                                                    5 gr
e.       Dwarf mountain pine (Baeckea Frutescens L.)                5 gr

How to make it:
Grind all the materials until smooth. Poor water. Strain it. And then you can drink the water.
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