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Garlic for Skin Beauty

Alternative Medicine Garlic isn’t only good for health but it’s also good for someone’s beauty. Garlic’s like cucumber, it has abundant benefits for someone’s skin beauty. Skin of our body is very sensitive and also fragile. We have to keep it away from something danger. We can loss our confident if there is a small part of our skin that get some stain or a wound.  Some people use chemical medicine to keep and increase their skin beauty but sometimes they get something worse on their skin. Not a good result for their skin but often got other diseases on it. Herbs, like garlic is better and safer than chemicals. There are many reason why herbs are better.

garlic can vanish acne, blackheads and stain of a wound
garlic for skin beauty
Garlic is one of herbs that has a lot of benefits. Why do we choose herbal medicine to cure our diseases and use it to help us keep our skin beauty? Herbs has a lot of benefits and less negative effect. Here are some benefits of using herbs:
1.      There is no negative effect in the body. Herbs is a product from nature, it’s not a substance from a research of chemical substance.
2.      It’s free from toxin.
3.      Chemical medicine is like poison, we can’t consume it overly and carelessly.
4.      Herbs is reasonable and we can get it easily.
5.      Herbs can cure the whole system of the body.
6.      It’s effective for chronic diseases that could not be cured by chemical medicine.
7.      Herbs not only cure the diseases but it also can increase our immune system.
Those are some benefits of herbs and the reason why we choose herbs to keep our skin beauty. And here they are some of the benefits of garlic for the skin beauty.

1.  Clean the blackheads. Blackheads often appears on the area of our nose and it troubles our performances. Cleaning the blackheads using garlic is very easy. We just need to grind the garlic until it’s smooth and then rub on the area of the blackheads appear.

garlic can help you vanishing blackheads

2.   Vanish stain caused a wound. Stain caused a wound sometimes make us become not confident. Garlic has anti-inflammation substance that can clean or vanish the stain caused a wound on our skin. We just need to rub the garlic on the stain regularly.

3.   The herbal medicine for acne. Acne is worse than blackheads because it can trouble someone’s performance and also give a terrible pain on the area of acne. We can cure and vanish it naturally using garlic. We just need a clove of garlic. Then grind it and rub it on the area of the acne. Wait for ten minutes or use it a while before sleeping. The next morning the acne will gradually cut down and become smaller. Do it regularly to get the optimum result.

garlic can vanish acne
Don’t be hesitate and Try it happily! Good luck!
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