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Garlic for Ears’ Health

Alternative MedicineEar is an organ which can detect/know voice/sound and also control the balance and position of the body. This organ is very important part of our body. Without ear we can’t hear voice or sound. If we can’t hear voice, automatically we can’t communicate well with other people. Therefore, it’s very important for us to keep our ear healthy so it can works well.
garlic can cure earache naturally
Ear is on of the important part of the body

There are many ways to keep our ears stay healthy. One of them is using garlic. It’s has been known that actually garlic is very useful to keep our health of ears. Garlic is an herb that is very famous and needed so much and even almost used for all kind of foods. Actually there are a lot of herbs around us that can be used as alternative medicine or diseases prevention. Such as ginger, lemon, pepper and garlic. Garlic has an important substance that can be used to cure earache or to clean it.  It’s because garlic contains phosphor acid substance that can kill anything which caused or troubled ear’s health.
The use of garlic to clean ear has been known by the Chinese people since many years ago. Chinese literature tell a lot about the benefits of this plant. And here is how to use it.
use the middle part of the garlic which is yellower to clean your ear

It’s very easy to clean or vanish germs in the ears. First peal the garlic and choose the middle part of the garlic that the color is yellower than the outer side. Then paste the sliced garlic on the hole of the ear. It need a certain trick to make all part of the sliced garlic does not get into the ear. Let it in the hole of the ear for a night. Make sure the garlic is in the fit position to be placed for a whole night in our ear.
garlic is very benefit to cure earache
Place the garlic for a night in your ear.

Check it in the next morning. Our ear will be smoother and clean. Don’t forget to wash your ear with water so there are not any phosphors or any other residue left in it. Garlic also can make the ear healthier. But not all garlic can be used to vanish germ and clean the ear. The garlic that can be used is organic garlic. Because the common garlic usually contains pesticide.  

Well you can try it tonight! Good luck! 
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