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Garlic can Heal Hemorrhoids

Alternative MedicineHemorrhoids is a swelling which occurs in the side of rectum. If the swelling is too terrible, it can cause bleeding. If the condition happen continuously the hemorrhoids severer will loss too much blood so it can cause anemia. Generally, first symptom which appears is a red nodule around rectum, feel smarting when defecating, and even defecate mucus out and feel pain on the back. If we feel this symptom, do a treatment intensively so hemorrhoids can be cured quickly. There are some herbs that benefits to cure hemorrhoids naturally. One of them is garlic.
the benefits of garlic can prevent hemorrhoids
hemorrhoids cab cured by garlic 
Before we use garlic to cure hemorrhoids, it’s better to know what caused hemorrhoids itself. Because by knowing what are caused it, we can treat the disease easier. Here are the things that may be caused hemorrhoids which troubled our health:

hemorrhoids can be cured by garlic
Ø  Sit down for a quite long period.
Doing activity for a long time in sitting position can make rectum became wider
Ø  Severing diarrhea for a long time.
Defecating too often can make us lack of water/liquid that can troubled rectum.
Ø  Get some difficulties to defecate every day.
It can spark hemorrhoids because the rectum can be troubled.
Ø  Unhealthy food
It can make us lack of fiber and constipation
Ø  Often lifting a weight things.
Doing this activity can disturb the health of the rectum
We can use the garlic naturally to cure hemorrhoids by grinding it first. Then mix with some water and wring the garlic. The garlic can be used to cure hemorrhoids by rubbing it on the area of the hemorrhoids every day. If it be done regularly, the hemorrhoids will be quickly disappeared and will not swollen again.
After rubbing the area of hemorrhoids with garlic, don’t forget to drink enough water to increase the liquid in the body so the metabolism in it can be kept and the need of liquid/water which is important for the body to cure hemorrhoids can be felt quickly. 
garlic can cure herrmohoids

By using plant/herb from nature such as garlic is one of the best way to cure hemorrhoids naturally. But don’t forget to drink water two liters every day.  Because water and garlic has a great benefits to accelerate the process of recovering from hemorrhoids. For you who got hemorrhoids, now you need to try this great tips. Good luck!
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