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Garlic can Cure Toothache

Alternative Medicine Teeth are important part of our body.  Without teeth human must get difficulties to dissolve the food they ate. Beside it, teeth are the important part of beauty. Many people will do treatment on their teeth in case for their appearance or for the health of their teeth.  They often do something extreme to reform their teeth to get the best appearance with their new look of their teeth. In case for healthy purpose someone will do everything to keep their healthy teeth but there are many people that neglect it by doing something risk for their teeth such as; drink coke overly, eats a lot of chocolate and even do not brush their teeth regularly. Therefore many people get toothache and break their teeth. When the teeth has broken or just got a little hole, we will get a serious pain on it. Someone who severe this disease often cries because of its terrible pain although they are adult people. It’s very embarrassing that we cry caused by toothache. But that is the reality. Some herbs has been known that could help us to cure this disease. One of them is garlic.
alternative medicine to cure toothache is using garlic

Garlic can be very benefit in the critical and urgent time when we get toothache. Why so? Toothache commonly caused by bacteria that left on our teeth. The anti-virus and anti-oxidant that contain in garlic can attack and vanish bacteria caused toothache. Beside that it also contain analgesic that greatly cure toothache.
garlic can cure toothache
Garlic is very effective to cure toothache

First, prepare a place to grind, two cloves of fresh garlic, a clove and a spoon of salt. Then, put all the ingredients and grind them until become pasta. After it, paste the pasta of garlic on the pain area of the tooth for about thirty minutes. Do it regularly four times a day.
When the pasta has been pasted and the aching tooth felt uncomfortable, the pasta of the garlic can be covered with a thin clothes first. And if the pasta is too dry, we can also add some drops of olive oil on it.  
herbs to cure diseases
If this way doesn’t enough to cure the aching tooth and we still feel a serious pain on it for more than one week, it’s better for us to go to the dentist.
Hope this article can help you! Good luck!
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