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Garlic Can Cure Bruised

Alternative MedicineBruised is a blue, brown or purple mark caused by a blow to the body. Bruised can be caused by some factors. One of them is caused by someone’s beating or fell down to the ground. Someone who got bruised of course would feel pain on the area of bruised. If we let it without any treatment, the pain will be stay for a quiet long period and even become worse.  There are some treatment that we can do to cure it. One of the treatment is using garlic. It is said that garlic could safely and naturally cure bruised on our body.

garlic is good to cure bruised
Garlic (allium sativum) is a spice that has a lot of benefits. It is one of herbals which has a lot of good nutrition for the body. It contains a high vitamin C, calcium and also iron. This is summarize from the nutrition which is given by garlic per 136 gr of garlic:
·         Vitamin C; gives 71 % for a day need
·         Calcium; gives 25 % for a day need
·         Iron; gives 13 % for a day need
·         Carbohydrate (45 gr); gives 15 % for a day need
·         Fiber (3 g); gives 11 % for a day need
The nutrition contained in garlic is very useful for human body but uniquely it doesn’t contain a negative nutrition for the body such as steady fat and calories. This herbal can be sure that it can help the health of the body and make us prevent from a dangerous disease.
garlic can cure bruised on the body
garlic can cure bruised
In the last article we have known that garlic is very useful to cure cough, as ananti-oxidant and also for women’s fertility. Beside those benefits garlic is also good to cure bruised. Someone who got bruised on their body, they can do this tips to cure it. Don’t worry about how to get the garlic. We thought that it’s very easy to get garlic in the supermarket, greengrocery or even in the traditional market.
garlic's benefits

Well here is the tips. Firstly prepare garlic and enough honey. Then grind the garlic until it is smooth. Add one table spoon of honey and then mix them until it is mixed well. We just need to rub it on the area of the bruised. And then wait for the result.
Good luck and happily apply the tips!
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