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Vanishing Dandruff with Pepper

Alternative MedicineHerb concoction is saver than medicine or drug. One of materials to make herb concoction is pepper.  It is a kind of spices. Piper nigrum. is its Latin’s name. This is one of spices which has a lot of benefits. Beside to cook as spices for many varieties of food, we can also use it to heal many kinds of diseases such as healing or vanishing the dandruff on our head. As we know that dandruff is a troublesome for many people. Pepper can vanish the dandruff with a healthy and simple way. Pepper has been known that it has zinc and selenium. Zinc and selenium can vanish the bacteria and fungus which make the dandruff. We can mix the pepper with other materials to vanish it. And here is the way to use pepper to heal the dandruff.
Prepare 2 table spoons of pepper and 1 cup of plain yogurt. Grind the pepper till it becomes soft. Then mix it with the plain yogurt. Apply it on the skin of your head. We do not need to massage it. Let it for half an hour. After that wash the hair gently.
If you have terrible dandruff, you can attempt another way. Prepare 1 table spoon of grind pure pepper and 1 table spoon of grind turmeric. Mix the grind pepper and the grind turmeric with a spoonful of water. Apply it on your head. Remember that you don’t need to massage it. Let it for half an hour till an hour. Then wash your hair gently.
Benefits of Pepper
As Turmeric has antibacterial nature and strong antifungal, it would be better to mix it with pepper to heal or vanish the terrible dandruff on your head.
We have to note that pepper has a hot characteristic. So, don’t let the mixing pepper on your head for a long period to avoid irritation.


Well, as we know that dandruff is very annoying, it can make us become uncomfortable and unconfident to do our activities. To avoid it, we have known the benefits of pepper and how to use it. It also save to be applied on our head. So, why don’t we try it?
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