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Consume Pepper for Healing and Avoid Hypertension

Alternative Medicine - Hypertension is a dangerous disease which can make other severe disease even dead, for the example hypertension can make someone get coroner hearth attack and stroke. Beside that artery in the kidney can be damaged if the pressure is too high and trigger kidney failure.
reduce hypertension with pepper

Pepper is one of spices which has a lot of benefits for our health. Pepper has some good substances to help someone who is suffering from hypertension. It has also a lot of flavonoid, vitamin c, and vitamin a. Those substances can reduce or heal the hypertension.
Black Pepper

So, how do we consume the pepper to heal the hypertension? In order to avoid and heal hypertension, we have to eat healthy food in healthy way. This is the best way to control hypertension. We have to eat some food with has enough fiber such as vegetable and fruit every day. Consume these foods when they are still raw (raw food) is good to get some enzymes and other benefits nutrition completely. We can consume pepper by use it to cook as spices and add less salt and also less red meat.

We can also consume pepper as a healthy drink. We can make a healthy drink from watermelon and grind pepper. We only need to make watermelon juice and then add some grind pepper and salt in it. This kind of beverage will have high calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron. This juice has a lot of benefit for your health. Pepper is good to heal hypertension and also other diseases

such as decrease weight, control cholesterol, prevent cancer, avoid hearth attack, reduce the offer fluid in the body and also heal constipation.
lime juice and grind pepper to reduce hypertension
lime juice

That is the benefit of pepper for our health. Natural food is better than other medicine because natural food is still save from chemical materials. Let’s keep our health with natural, simple and healthy way.
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