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How To Reduce The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Prostate Cancer ~ Problem prostate cancer is often associated with the age factor. Changing a healthier lifestyle can reduce your risk of prostate cancer. The following lifestyle in reducing the risk of prostate cancer, as reported by NaturalNews.

Eat more vegetables
Eating fats derived from plants is better than the fat of animal feed. One example of using olive oil instead of butter or use seeds and nuts instead of cheese. In addition, food products made from soy beans also help reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Natural Vegetables

Avoid eating red meat
Head of the Department of Oncology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences said that if men eat more fat products, it is more prone to develop prostate cancer. Therefore, men should reduce the consumption of oil, dairy products, and red meat.
Fresh Red Meat

Drinking green tea
There are many studies showing that men who drink green tea or its extract has a lower risk of prostate cancer. So, besides avoiding red meat, you should drink green tea men to avoid prostate cancer.

Natural Green Tea
Changing diet
One factor that makes a man could not avoid prostate problems are increasing age. However, changing the diet can reduce the risk of developing prostate with healthy food choices. For example, adding more fish and green vegetables in the daily menu. ( source:, )
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