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Food to Add Thrombocytes Naturally

Food to Add Thrombocytes Naturally ~ Thrombocyte or Platelets are affecting levels of our immune, at the time of platelet decline, the level of immunity we will go down too. This present moment in which a lot of endemic diseases everywhere, we have to maintain health and keep the level of normal platelets in our body. If the level of platelets in the body decreases, we can add that back to normal levels.

How do I add the platelets in the body? many ways to add platelets in the body, one of which consumes some groceries. Here are some foods that you can consume to increase platelets in your body as quoted from

1. Dates Fruit

Dates Fruit
Dates fruit are high in iron and other nutrients that are beneficial to increase platelets naturally.
Dates Fruits

2. Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables
Green vegetables including platelets food additive because it contains vitamin K is best eaten when the platelet count decreases. In addition to spinach, kale, and other greens beneficial to increase the number of blood platelets.

3. Guava Fruit

White Guava
Guava is very rich in vitamin C, even vitamin C content was higher than other fruits, so do not be surprised if the fruit is very good to maintain endurance and fitness.
Red Guava

4. Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat
Consumption of whole grains is better than it consumes rice as your carbohydrate intake during illness. Because oats are rich in fiber, nutrients, minerals, vitamins are good for increasing the number of blood platelets in the body.

Food from Whole WHeat

That's some kind of food that can increase the platelets in our body, once again I remind you to keep a healthy body with regular exercise and balanced with healthy foods.
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