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What was Eye-Cylinder.

This occasion we will discuss about what was eye-cylinder. Eyes cylinder or astigmatism is a symptom of irregularities in the formation of a shadow on the lens, it is caused by a lens defect that can not provide a picture or shadow vertical with horizontal lines simultaneously. So the vision becomes blurred due to the inability of the eye to focus on objects optics.

eye cylinder

Normal eyes generally have a uniform surface in each direction, but in the eyes of the cylinder, there are several areas on the surface that partially flat or inclined within. The emergence of eye disorders cylinder itself due to the bad habits of the patient, who can not maintain eye health. What are the causes, symptoms and how to cure and prevent it?

Causes eye Cylinder

· Heredity, especially in patients above 1.5 diopter cylinder
· Often forcing the eye to see objects or the light from distant
· Lack of foods containing vitamin A
· Often being less healthy environment
· Lack of sunlight
· Too often wear glasses help
· The habit of reading with sleeping position
· Too often in front of the screen with a close-range

Eye symptoms Cylinders

· Blurred vision or ghosting
· Do not stand the bright light or glare easy
· Headache or fatigue when focusing see objects
· The inability to see near and distant objects without squinting.
· If the children will find it difficult to focus on printed words and lines
· Writing that straight look together, such as split
· Like cocked his head at the sight of an object, it is influenced by the slope of the eyeball / Axis   Cylinder
· Dizziness in the forehead between the two eyes

How to Cure and Prevention of Eye Cylinder

· Healing use of betel leaf there are two ways. First with betel leaf paste on the surface of the eye while sleeping. While the second is the betel leaf dipped in hot water and after the water became luke warm, the water is used to wash the eye with blinking manner on the surface of the water.

· Consume vegetables are good for the eyes such as spinach, kale, mustard greens, lettuce, and other vegetables containing lutein and zeaxanthin can prevent cataracts and forming a layer of the cornea. In addition, different types of foods that contain antioxidant ingredients like broccoli and peas are also very good.

· Consuming beans were very good for maintaining eye health because they contain omega-3 fatty acids and foods containing vitamin E. Different types of nuts can help prevent eye minus cylinder and also include almonds, pistachios, cashew, and walnut.

· Consuming fruits that contain lots of vitamin C, because it is very good for healing the eyes of the cylinder and prevent it. Various types of fruit that are highly recommended are like oranges, strawberries, lemons, grapes, grapefruit and passion fruit. These fruits can prevent various types of damage because the eye because of lack of nutrients.

· Perform regular exercise that aims to make the eyes get enough oxygen. To do that move the eyes to the right and to the left after the view straight ahead and hit both eyelids by massaging clockwise. Then massage gently on the back of the head.

· Compressing the eyes with warm water, regularly perform in this way can automatically create eye muscles become more relaxed.

· Avoid bad habits relating to the eyes, such as watching television or reading a book at close range with a sleeping position, because it can make the eyes become tired and susceptible to interference.

· Be diligent to clean the eyes, how can wipe clean the eye or eye by using a wet cotton.

Similarly, a review of what the eye cylinder. Hopefully be able to benefit as well as add insight for you as well. Remember to always apply a healthy lifestyle to always avoid all kinds of diseases. Keep your eyes as you keep your body.

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