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Lupus Disease

What is it lupus? Variety of existing friend know? Lupus or autoimmune disease is often called a disease that causes inflammation of the body such as the skin, joints, blood cells, lungs and the heart that causes the skin to become red, but not overall. Lupus disease is not caused by a virus or bacteria, and therefore lupus is not contagious, but due to autoimmune or genetic factors. Lupus disease is not transmitted through sexual intercourse and contact with people with lupus. But we also have to be alert and always run a healthy pattern so that the immune system is maintained and protected from the terrible disease of lupus.
lupus disease

Type - the type of Lupus Disease
Lupus has a type - the kind that can be divided into three, including the following:

1. Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (Discoid Lupus Erythematosus / DLE)
This type of lupus generally only affects the skin, but lupus can also attack these types of cells, tissues and other body parts. This type of lupus can be controlled simply by avoiding sunlight and consumption of traditional medicine. The symptoms of lupus disease of this type of hair loss can be even bald and if long-term, permanent plots, as well as a rash on the skin like the scales on the skin that sometimes thicken and become scarred.

2. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus / SLE)
On this type of lupus disease, patients experience only mild symptoms - mild. SLE is often called lupus disease among this community, often experienced by people in Indonesia. Symptoms of SLE can strike suddenly and can also be attacked slowly. The most disruptive of the symptoms of SLE is prolonged pain which is very disturbing daily routine. And not infrequently with lupus are depressed, anxious and feel stressed or depressed.

3. Because Lupus Drug - Drugs
Each of drugs made from chemicals or mixtures containing compounds can lead to side effects. There are hundreds of drugs that cause the same side effects that almost resembles lupus especially the type SLE. But in general, lupus disease will stop if you stop taking the drug. But you should consult if you want to stop taking the drugs if the prescription.

Lupus Disease Symptoms
Lupus disease have symptoms that are terrible but some are mild, but there are also severe and can be life threatening and even lead to death. Lupus is not contagious but it is a serious illness and can not be tolerated. Common symptoms of lupus disease such as skin rash, fatigue pain, swelling in the joints and hair loss.

Treatment of Lupus Disease
For the treatment of lupus is not known for certain traditional drugs, but the drugs are mixed and formulated to contain special compounds can indeed cure but can cause side effects. Specifically for lupus kind enough DLE is advisable to avoid sunlight because lupus have symptoms of hair loss, and therefore if the longer exposed to the sun, the hair will simply fall out and even cause baldness. Prevention of disease is lupus certainly always keep clean, maintain a diet, adequate rest and exercise regularly.

In essence lupus that often we know and a lot happens that is the type SLE. If you experience the symptoms - symptoms that resemble lupus disease doctor immediately conduct examinations so that no effect or impact of a more serious and does not cause to the death. Thus the article of mine about Lupus Disease, may be useful for all of us.
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