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What is eye farsightedness?

The term  farsightedness or often called a plus eye is a condition where the incoming light into the eyeball of patients do not experience normal accommodation. Make the light beam falling on the focal point that is behind the retina so the patient is not able to see objects within close objects clearly.
For farsighted arise because the function of the muscles of the eye begins to decline, usually occurs in elderly people or occurs at about 40 years of age or older.  Farsightedness may also be experienced by children, but when a teenager possibility of eyesight can return to normal operation, due to the young age of eye accommodation ability to function very well.
eye plus or farsighted

Additionally farsightedness caused by the shape of the eyeball are too short compared to a normal state, or because the optical system of the eye refractive power shortages. For the elderly it is included signs of natural aging, because the crystalline lens in a state where the elasticity has been reduced so that it becomes more rigid and deformed lenses become more convex. Farsightedness is divided into two different terms, namely hypermetropia designation for patients aged under 40 years and the term presbyopia for patients over 40 years.

What are the signs or perceived complaints in patients with myopic eyes?

· Patients will experience a headache if you see close objects in a long time
· Vision feels uncomfortable, especially when the eyes focus at a certain distance in a long time.
· Blurred when looking at close objects.
· Far become blurred vision after seeing close in a long time.
· Blurred when looking far and near, especially if the degree hipermetropianya already rather high (3.00 s / d 6.00 D).
· The eyes get tired when reading at close range.

How to cure eye plus:
· Zooming, is an exercise notice / focus from distant objects to near objects, alternately.
· Rub hands gently until warm, then place the palms on the eyes in a closed condition, do not press the eyeballs, but put the smooth in the bones around the eye.
· Soft focus, together with the zooming, it's just that, as long as the eye focus should not blink for 5-25 seconds, and the eyes are not too focused, just look relaxed.
· Yawn with wide, until you really feel relaxed.
· With the swinging ball, try to focus to a ball moving because of the swing. Can also ping pong balls or tennis is being played, or other similar alternative.
· Lighting, with eyes closed, look at the sun, or the light is bright enough, until your eyes feel warm.
· Eye muscle stretching exercises, movement of your eyes downward, upward, middle side.

Keep your eye health as early as possible and multiply to consume nutritious foods that can support eye health. That information about Eye Plus or farsightedness.

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