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What is Elephantiasis?

Elephantiasis disease is a disease which is classified as a spectrum of disease called filariasis. Being filariasis is caused by the filarial nematode worm groups are carried by various species of mosquitoes. There are 3 types of species of filarial worms that cause elephantiasis that Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, Brugia timori. The shape of the thread-like worms and live in the human body, especially in the lymph nodes and blood. Besides these worms can survive for up to 4-6 years, while the female worm can produce millions of worms (microfilaria). These diseases include infectious diseases, for if there were exposed elephantiasis should be careful.
filarial cycle

Elephant Foot Disease Symptoms
People who suffer from this elephant, if left untreated will experience permanent disability such as swelling and enlargement of the legs, arms up to the genitals.

Usually begins with a fever of approximately 3 to 5 days. If used for the rest, the fever will subside, but if used strenuous work, the fever will come back.

In addition to sudden fever, these symptoms can also be a swelling in the groin area, armpit looks redness, heat and pain.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes that feels hot and painful, radiating from the base to the tip of the legs or arms.

Filarial abscess occurs due to frequent swelling of the lymph nodes, it can rupture and bleed and pus.

Enlargement of the legs, arms, breasts and genitals in women and male genitalia that looked reddish and feels hot.

Elephant Foot Disease Prevention

Avoid yourself from mosquito bites is one way to avoid this disease. Do not forget to get a clean life by eradicating and closing the water sources that can serve as a mosquito breeding ground. Such as shelter tub, pool, and other places that can be filled with water. In addition, it is necessary to take anti-sickness drugs elephants en masse, if found there suffering from this disease.

Elephant Foot Disease Treatment

Mass treatment
Treatment is done specifically in endemic areas with a rate of more than 1% by using Carbamazine Diethyl Citrate drug delivery combined with Albendazole once a year and conducted over five consecutive years.

Selective Treatment
The treatment is performed specifically those who contract the disease microfilariae along with members of his family who are in one house with the patient and neighbors nearby.

Individual treatment
This special treatment of elephantiasis chronic disease as a form of body treatment swelling.

If you have symptoms such as the above, immediately perform the examination. Handling earlier in patients with elephantiasis can eradicate larvae and parasites that may be because the appearance of swelling. It is also the best way so that transmission does not occur in others. That article about the disease elephantiasis.
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