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What Harmful Ingredients of Drug Mosquitoes For Health

You will certainly feel annoyed, if in the room where you relax there are a lot of mosquitoes or other insects. Of course this is very disturbing comfort and your time. So what's the solution? The answer must be none other than the insect repellent, be it a mosquito coils, electric or spray, however, what What Harmful Ingredients of Drugs for Health Mosquitoes it? How can an insect repellent it actually come to threaten us? Here's why.
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Insect repellent containing dangerous chemical compounds, which can react quickly to mosquitoes are around. If the animal can die instantly, of course it can also bring adverse effects to the health of each individual anyway. Although sometimes the smell is no smell by the nose, but the toxins of insect repellent is still sticking around us. So what are the harmful compounds in the insect repellent and any negative impact that may result from these compounds?

A substance found in mosquito coils. Chemicals are believed to be carcinogens. Chemical S-2 was effective in killing mosquitoes, but are often exposed to the smoke of burning mosquito coils have adverse effects on respiratory health. Even insect repellent smoke is much more dangerous than cigarette smoke, so smoke generated gradually can become deadly cancer.

Nicotine Substances 100 Cigarettes
New Delhi has been researching the adverse effects of mosquito coils burned for 8 hours in a semi-closed. The effect was equivalent to smoking about 100 cigarettes. If one burning effect is equal to 100 cigarettes, what if two combustion and so on. We know that a cigarette may be very dangerous to the health of what if up to 100 cigarettes.

Pollutants generated by the coil mosquito coils very harmful for the lungs. Pollutants generated from coils is more dangerous than the smoke pollutants from motor vehicles.

The danger of mosquito coils and spray for health and other substances due to pyrethrum. The substance is believed to be an insecticide insects, resulting from the chrysanthemum flower essence. The harmful effects of these substances can cause a person is potentially exposed to an asthma attack. Besides high doses of the substance pyrethrum mosquito coil on coil can cause nervous system is damaged and decreased immunity. Too often inhaling pyrethrum compounds may also result in a person exposed to poisoning with symptoms of headache, nausea and vomiting, eye irritation and eye inflammation. If ingestion will cause more dangerous effects such as tongue and lip numbness, convulsions and even death.

Formadehida is a substance that is colorless, flammable and also a very strong smell. The substance smells stronger than the smell of gas, and taukah formaldehyde that is burned will be equivalent to smoking 51 cigarettes burned. These substances often cause problems in the nose and other organs. Formadehida the effect of the compound can cause nasal cancer affected sinuses or even sinus, throat itching, cough and nausea.

Octachlorodipropyl Ether
Octachlorodipropyl ether burning substances will produce substances such as ether or bischloromethyl known as BCME. This substance is a cause of lung cancer is acute.

Carcinogens is indeed a substance effective to kill mosquitoes, but these substances also harmful to health manusia.Asap that breathe continuously can cause cancer.

DEET is a substance present in many insect repellent spray that contains dangerous because of corrosion. The negative impact if the spray on the skin. The skin will be irritated especially sensitive skin, the skin becomes red and itchy. These symptoms are mild symptoms and will disappear when washed using warm water. In addition, people who are often exposed to DEET for long periods can make the skin burn and permanent scars on the skin. Cause insomnia and bad mood, and cause severe burns to the eyes. That's not enough DEET compounds cause irritation of the stomach, nausea and vomiting. If ingested will cause hypertension, heart low, serious complication characterized by nerve damage. Final result is death.

For those of you that are still dear to health, still dare to use insect repellent in excess? If you want to avoid the attack of mosquitoes, then use natural means safe for health. Turn formula drain, close, bury objects or places that can be filled with water. We might hamper mosquitoes to breed, and if you are still using mosquito coils, spray, or electrically try to leave the room until the smell of insect repellent does not smell anymore. Hopefully reviews What Harmful Ingredients of Drug Mosquitoes for Health. can be useful for all of you.
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