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Tips Aging and Longevity Naturally

Want to stay young and live longer reach the age of more than a hundred years? Certainly we expect it not! Follow healthy lifestyle tips below. This secret is obtained from a result of a poll of 100 people over the age of one hundred years (centenarians) in the United States.
 stay young and live longer 

One of the tips is most advisable in this poll is still interacting, in close contact with family or friends. Another secret is always working to make the brain and the mind is always active and keep the heart remains happy with a laugh. "If I may leave a message, do not stop to think. Forever ", said a woman who had reached 102 years, Maurice Eisman.

While the things that you should always avoid and keep it away from life, Eisman says, is stress. "I think the worst thing is stressful, and you can avoid it by controlling your life", he said.

The poll was initiated by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media in April and May 2008. In a coordinated health program for the elderly. Therefore, the centenarians were involved are those whose condition is healthy.

Inner soul calm and balanced way of life perfect. Quiet inner soul is a drug that is effective stress. How to? That is always in the right path, is on the path of faith to the Lord of the Worlds. Be generous and likes to give, not revenge and envy let others enjoy the tranquility, we should not bother her with all kinds of envy and jealousy.

If we do good, the good works of our heart will be calm, the mind becomes peaceful, because the Lord will reward our good deeds with a better reward. Conversely, if we cheat, ugly and evil then our conscience becomes restless, haunted by our own evil deeds, not to mention the reply torment in the Hereafter.

So live with the soul and inner balance, interact with the faith and piety towards God as best as possible, and connect with fellow human well too.

May we ever be given the health and life of gratitude for the blessings given to us, especially if we are given a mandate in the form of longevity blessing. But most important of all is the end of a happy life, may we one of them. Amen ...
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