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Typhus Disease

Typhus / typhoid / typhus is a disease that occurs due to inflammation of the intestine. Typhus is caused by the bacterium Salmonella Thipi. Typhoid is a disease that is easily transmitted, whether through food, fingers and nails, vomiting, flies and feces (stool). Typhoid infection attacks the digestive organs as the main factor of food contaminated with Salmonella bacteria Thipi so easy to enter. But it's not as easy as we immediately experience typhoid, because if we have a good immune system, the bacteria does not cause gastrointestinal infection.
Typhoid disease transmission process is very easy, the food exposed to flies or was contaminated, the bacteria will be easy to grow and if eaten would attack the digestive and cause infection. Which eventually becomes inflamed intestine so the body feels weak, lethargic and feel very high fever that can be diagnosed sebagain typhoid. On the other hand, a dirty environment will also have a negative impact and will be susceptible to typhus and other diseases.

Typhus Disease Symptoms
Typhoid can strike anyone, especially to children - children, because in addition to impaired immune systems, children often consume food containing harmful chemicals which are stored various bacteria. Even if it is too much to consume foods that contain harmful chemicals, our hearts were not able to neutralize toxins, which can affect the liver as well. 

Here are some of the symptoms of typhoid:
· Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting
Usually the patient will feel abdominal pain typhus on the left are accompanied by nausea and even vomiting, which is nothing but will also reduce appetite.
· Changes in the pattern of BAB
Usually the patient will experience diarrhea (diarrhea), or no bowel movement at all.
· The pulse rate slows
Usually this is accompanied by a high fever, but in fact people who are high fever pulse will increase. However, unlike the case with typhoid because due to the toxins taken from the food that caused the reaction.
· High fever and discoloration of the tongue becomes white
High fever usually accompanied by headache, body becomes weak and lethargic, even body temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius. Another feature that changes color to white tongue, but the sides remain red, and when he stuck out his tongue will feel shaky.
Symptoms of typhoid disease that occurs in children lighter than adults. But the child's immune system is still lacking that remain asymptomatic, but not as severe as adults. Typhoid is left and not addressed specifically will cause many negative effects, such as bleeding in the gut which is quite serious, even bowel can be perforated. While the influence of the other organs may cause lung, liver, and heart.

Typhus Disease Treatment
Actual cure for typhoid is very young. Patients can be cured with rest without doing anything about the one-week period will be restored to normal. But if it is a severe disease tifusnya start, you better consult a doctor immediately. In addition, if you do the treatment will be more efficient, but not quickly. Cure typhoid can be done with traditional medicine, such as utilizing ginger, bitter and turmeric. Natural materials are certainly safe and does not cause side effects.
It can be deduced that typhus is a disease which if left unchecked will cause serious impact to other organs and even the patient can get hopeless life. For we must also be alert to how a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, balanced eating food, consume more vegetables and fruit, as well as adequate rest and do not forget to always keep clean. Typhus would be easy to attack for those of you who live in the environment is dirty and not avoid the food of material which is not as secure as most of the seasonings. Such articles about Typhoid disease, may be useful and be a reference for you
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