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Tuberculosis Disease

Tuberculosis is a contagious disease caused by bacteria. Not infrequently encountered respiratory tract infection caused by bacteria. So what type of bacteria that cause tuberculosis and may spread it? Bacterial infectious tuberculosis is mikrobakterium tuberculosis, and the method of transmission is usually initiated from cough and bacterial fly through the air which is then inhaled by the people around, but not all people who breathe the air around polluted by TB bacteria may develop TB disease, if someone has a good body imune system of these bacteria will not easily attack.

The bacteria that causes tuberculosis bacillus bacteria mikrobakterium tuberculosis is very strong and it will take a long time to treat it. Mikrobakterium tuberculosis bacteria infect the lungs and other organs. Recommended for patients with this disease to utilize traditional medicine, which certainly is safe and does not cause side effects.

Symptoms of TB disease (Tuberculosis)
Every disease must have no symptoms or signs, especially illnesses that may impact mortality, symptoms of tuberculosis is usually a cough that may be accompanied by a discharge of blood and in a rather long time about 3 weekly more, decreased appetite, weight loss is not ideal , However, the main symptoms are bound to occur in patients with tuberculosis are coughing up phlegm for 3 weeks which can be accompanied by bleeding. There are also additional symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pain, fever or chills more than a month, the body feels tired and lethargic, sweating at night without an obvious cause. These symptoms need to be considered if you or a friend / relative who has been suffering from tuberculosis is recommended to wear a mask in order not contagious. But the most prominent symptoms of tuberculosis are sweating at night for no reason, therefore if there is a sign like that you should check with a doctor, although not definitely diagnosed with tuberculosis but it is better to act early in order not to become severe or chronic.

Infectious TB (Tuberculosis)
The disease is caused by bacteria mikrobakterium Tuberculosis can infect the lungs and other organs such as the intestines, kidneys, lymph nodes, bone, uterus and even to the brain. We need to know that tuberculosis is a disease of infections has the highest mortality rate in Indonesia. Tuberculosis is a disease that is easily transmitted through the liquid and fly in the air and then inhaled but not everyone who inhale infected fluid to be exposed to TB as well, for those who have immune system and good nutrition bacteria will fall asleep but if low immunity and malnutrition, the bacteria will easily infect organs, especially the lungs and the impact of tuberculosis which can cause death. Therefore it can be concluded that the imune system and poor nutrition is the main cause of tuberculosis and dirty environment also triggers influence the development of TB infection due to germs and bacteria really like a dirty environment.

Prevention / Treatment of Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis needs to be addressed but to handle it is necessary to first diagnose the disease, whether it is tuberculosis or just plain symptoms that have no impact on tuberculosis. If a person has been exposed to TB should not consume drugs radicals from chemicals because it will only cause side effects as well as the healing is not necessarily therefore better use of traditional medicine though little by little but does not cause side effects and healthful. But we also need to prevent TB disease by:
-Reducing contact with people with active TB disease.
-Maintain a good standard of living, with nutritious food, a healthy environment, and exercise.
-BCG vaccine (to prevent a more severe case of tuberculosis). The vaccine is routinely given to all children under five.
-Keep in mind that those who have been exposed to tuberculosis and treated, it can re-exposed to the same disease if not prevent it and maintain a healthy body.

Diversity faithful companions, we should not underestimate a disease, because if we let a disease in the long term it is possible that the disease is more severe / chronic and even can also cause death.

Such articles about TB disease, it is expected to criticism and constructive suggestions. Hope it is useful.Keywords: tuberculosis, the cause of tuberculosis, the TB symptoms, how to prevent TB disease, how to treat tuberculosis.
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