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Too Much Sleep can be Harmful to Health

This time we will review about too much sleep can be harmful to health. Sleep or rest is a basic need for everyone.

The goal is to restore the body's condition after the activity, or it could be to maintain a balance of emotional and mental health. Although sleep is very important to do, but if too much sleep is also not good for health.

too much sleep can be harmful for us

What are the negative effects of too much sleep?

Damage the brain
According to research studies in 2012, lack of sleep and too much sleep can accelerate damage to brain function.
Increased risk of depression
In 2014, the researchers said that if too much sleep can increase the risk of depression.
Difficult to get pregnant
According to a specialist in reproduction revealed that the pattern or sleeping habits greatly affect whether or not normal circadian rhythms, hormone secretion occurs and the menstrual cycle.
People who sleep for more than 9 hours each day, having a weight gain of up to 5kg in a week. This is due to the lack of gestures, so it does not burn fat in the body and eventually accumulate. Besides the lack of movement also resulted in back pain.
Heart disease
Numerous studies revealed that people who sleep more than 8 hours of increased risk of heart disease, which is caused by the wind pectoris (wind sitting) the circumstances in which the reduced oxygen supply and blood flow to the heart decreased.
Reduce memory
Age memories in people being 2 years older, it is caused by sleeping too much at a time is not recommended.
Too much sleep will be 46% risk of having a stroke if coupled with diet and unhealthy lifestyle.
Headaches caused by too frequent sleep, arise because existing neurotransmitters in the brain.

Well friends, I hope after reading reviews about too much sleep can harm the health above, you can apply the pattern of all the rest is good and right. Remember! Do not get too much and not too less rest.
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