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Tonsils Disease

All disease definitely detrimental to us whether it is mild or severe, and therefore we must apply caution at all times. Go directly to our topic this time is the disease of the tonsils. What are the tonsils? Tonsils are the bastion of the body that serves to keep the entry of germs into the body. Tonsil disease itself is a disease caused by damage to the mucous membrane.
tonsils disease

Tonsils are the body's bastion of germs through food or drink. If the tonsils are not controlled or too heavy work in performing as its function, it will cause disease itself tonsillitis (inflammation or swelling of the tonsils). Even if the disease is severe tonsillitis, it is possible to do surgery.

Tonsil Disease Symptoms
Tonsil diseases related to the channel for their nets, food and beverage, and therefore very influential in the throat or thyroid organ, but other side effects will also be experienced by people with the disease of tonsils. Tonsil disease symptoms are as follows:

· Experiencing pain in the throat and also adenoids
· Experiencing fever with high temperature
· Body feels sluggish and tired
· Feels pain when swallowing food in the throat
· A high fever at night.
Tonsil disease can be exacerbated because of the buildup of the rest - the rest of the food inside the body inorganic nature. Thus the diet is key to avoid tonsil disease.

Handling, Prevention and Treatment of Disease Tonsil
Tonsil disease can strike anyone, even children . Disease management tonsils usually by surgery because it can not be allowed (the type of disease that is difficult to treat with drugs if it is severe). But if still not severe or not too distracting it can still be avoided by eating a healthy and balanced like vegetables and fruits as well as balanced with regular exercise and rest it will recover.

A conducive environment and hygiene is the primary preventive, it could be a healthy diet. Tonsil diseases caused by organic food and beverages - cold beverages such as ice cream and other - other, softdrink. For those who frequently consume ice cream, soft drinks and food excess seasoning (salt and sugar), then start now get used to eating a healthy diet and reduce to minimize the impact of the tonsil disease.

There are some opinions stating that the tonsils is a disease caused by a bacterial infection, and therefore can be given to treat antibiotic substances. For those of you who have experienced the tonsils if do not want to in operation then you should reduce the consumption of excessive sugar and salt in foods and foods that are boiled and warm. This can be done if the tonsils have not been severe illness if it is severe but necessary surgery.

Tonsil disease is a disease that resembles polyps but just different organ or duct nesting. Tonsil disease is a type of disease that should not be allowed and there should be treatment, because if left unchecked will make things worse. For those of you who have similar symptoms as the disease geajala amndel above then immediately consult a physician. Tonsil disease largely identical to the diet, if the disease is diagnosed tonsillitis immediately watch your diet and obtaining keep your environment clean.
A few of my article about the disease of tonsils, may be useful and could be a reference for you.
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