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The Ways to Make the Lips Look Natural Pink

Has the natural color of red lips without lipstick will certainly add beauty and also adds confidence in women, especially adolescents and adults. The lips were pink, but will look nicer also can make your face look more bright. In this article we will discuss how to keep the color pink lips look natural
ways to make the lips look natural pink

there is a presumption that the black lips are female smokers, but many also tuh black lips, but she is not a smoker. Understandably, the opinions of different .. certainly, only she knows the experience.

I will now submit the factors that cause the lips to black, among others:

1. Chemicals, such as the use of cosmetics that do not match, toothpaste allergies or drug allergies. For example in the use of lipstick that does not fit with our lips. Incompatible materials contained in lipstick when used in the long term can change the color of the lips become blackened.

2. The beauty of the lips is also influenced by the hormone estrogen is the hormone that can assist in the repair and replacement of the skin (regeneration). Without regeneration, the skin can not protect and moisturize itself, so that the lips will shrivel and easily slack. At that moment began to dry lips and black.

3. Excessive coffee drinking habits (maximum 2 cups a day)

4. Smoking. Cigarettes are the most common cause of black lip. Why is that? because the nicotine contained in it causes increased melanin pigment on the lips or skin.

5. Nutritional factors such as lack of vitamins, iron and conditions are not optimal hormone.

Lip skin does not have melanin which protects the skin. Lips covered with a thin skin, and in it there is a transparent membrane mucus membranes so that the lip skin is very sensitive and of course when foreign material that does not fit can make lip color becomes dark.

Now, let's discuss how to remove the material that the lip color to pink back.

1. Lemon and honey
      Mix honey and lemon juice. Here lemon works as pelupas of the lips. While honey is useful for brightening lip color. Dab your lips with a mixture of honey and lemon, leave for an hour before it clean with a damp cloth and soft. This process can be done once a day and the rest of the recipe that you want can be stored in the refrigerator to be used again.

2. Glycerin before bed.
    In addition to sun and improper maintenance, black lips or dry lips can be caused due to pigmentation. Apply glycerin to your lips using cottonbud before bed and every night. Treatment using glycerin aims to retain moisture and prevent dry lips also eliminates lip color black.

3. Margarine / Butter
      This is the easiest way, just applying lip margarine evenly enough, and do it regularly.

4. Keep your body to keep hydrated
     Not enough when using topical lip care. Treatment of the matter is also required. Dehydration is also one factor causes the lips are black. For that keep the body well hydrated, drink 8-10 glasses of water each day.

5. Almond oil
   Apply almond oil before going to bed, it really helps brighten the lips and reduce discoloration.

6. Cucumber juice
      It is very easy, simply drink fruit juice every day as cucumber cucumber is also good to help maintain healthy skin on other body parts.

7. Tomato
    Besides suitable as a face mask, tomatoes are also very useful to redden lips naturally. The trick, tomato pulp applied to the lips regularly in order to get better results in the maximum.

8. Potatoes
     The usual ingredients for dishes or chips. It can also to redden lips naturally and avoid black. How: mashed potatoes and afterwards at the temple dibibir and wait a few minutes.

9. Honey
     Apply honey on the lips, do not immediately tempted to lick it but be patient for  a minute to several minutes.

10. Toothpaste
    Simply apply toothpaste on the lips, let sit for a few minutes then wash. If using toothpaste effect is a little bit hot and when initial use of your lips will dry first. Anyway if you're already getting the results, you definitely will not regret if ever feel the heat of toothpaste on your lips.

Had the above tips have been tried and succeeded, now I will give you tips to keep in order to remain pink lips.

1. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables
2. If you wear lipstick looking for moisturizing and not too long stick lipstick on the lips.
3. Do not often licking his lips because it will make dry lips
4. Use a lip balm that contains sunscreen for daytime
5. To maintain moisture, apply a lip moisturizer without color before bed and if you are a smoker, quit immediately.
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A few articles about How to order pink lips look natural. Hope its useful

Keywords: how to make the lips look red naturally, red lips, beauty care, lip tips, skin care, beauty tips
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