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The benefits of Nypa Palm

Nypa palm is a type of palm that thrives on brackish areas influenced the tides, particularly in estuaries and in the back of the mangroves. This plant grows in a clump with a very short stem, which can be a bulwark for the freshwater to seawater. The existence of nypa plants also can prevent soil erosion and damage.
nypa palm

There is generally nypa plants can be used as a roof that has a durability of up to 5 years. Its leaves are long, also can be used as materials for mats, baskets and other handicrafts.

In Indonesia many coastal areas of fruit processing nypa  be processed as brown sugar palm, natural sweeteners for food, vinegar, candied fro, because it was sweet almost like rambutan fruit and sugarcane.

Not enough for it alone, the fruit turns nypa also have efficacy as a drug. According to research for nypa contains antioxidants that may slow the growth of cancer cells in the body tissues and kill the harmful toxins that can not be consumed by the body.

Palm trees can also be used as a cough medicine, the way the mashing palm leaves are still young and need. Squeeze, then add a little honey to it and drink it.

Bone child young palm leaves are also believed to cure canker sores and sore throat, by biting bone palm leaves and suck the water. Being for the people of Borneo, charcoal from nypa root is often used as a cure toothache and headache.

Nypa processed already in the form of vinegar was found also to have many benefits, including the following:
· Treating diabetes
· Lowering high blood pressure
· Lowering cholesterol and treat heart disease
· Troubleshooting constipation
· Stabilizing the temperature inside the body
· Preventing obesity
· Overcoming hemorrhoids and intestinal problems in
· Remove toxins
· Treating migraines

By processing the maximum, there are many benefits of nypa palm to our healthy. Not only as a result of the craft but also as a safe alternative medicine to us.

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