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The benefits of banana leaves

Besides the fruit are rich in nutrients for the health of the body, it leaves of bananas also has many health benefits. Banana leaves contain natural ingredients which works to maintain healthy skin. Banana leaves containing allantolin whose role is to update the dead skin cells. Besides allantolin, banana leaves also contain antioxidants that can neutralize toxins in the body and contains anti-inflammatory substances.

Some of the benefits of banana leaves, among others:

Treating Wounds and Eliminate Dandruff
Natural remedies that exist in banana leaf can be used to heal small cuts on your skin. in addition, banana leaves are also useful for treating skin disorders such as dandruff, as well as the sun.

Method: Prepare a banana leaf blade, take sufficiently. Wash thoroughly banana leaves then mixed with water to make a fresh banana leaf extract juice.

How to use: drink juice banana leaf juice gradually in curing skin disorders such. To treat sunburned skin soak in cold water.

Treating and Neutralize Poison Insects
It hurts if we sting or bitten by poisonous insects. Do not panic if one day it happened. You can take advantage of banana leaves that have medicinal properties and can neutralize the poison from the bite of insects such as bees and spiders. Moreover, with high antioxidant content, will prevent your skin from adverse environmental effects. Skin irritation and rashes can be cured quickly with this banana leaf herb.

How to make: take a banana leaf to taste. Mash until smooth. You can also chew a banana leaf to grind.

How to use: a banana leaf that has been refined after crushed or chewed placed on the skin of an insect sting.

Treating Skin Irritation
On banana leaves allantolin contained the active ingredient, which is widely used as a allantolin beauty cream mixture. The content allantolin high enough on a banana leaf useful for curing skin irritation, inflammation, and even capable of killing germs. Allantolin on this banana leaf, can enhance stimulation of the growth of new skin cells. So that your skin looks younger.

Treating Skin Inflammation
Some people have very sensitive skin. So they have to be careful to pick the products for skin care. If you have sensitive skin irritation or inflammation, you can use banana leaves as a natural ointments that contain natural substances healing skin problems.

Ways of making: take a banana leaf, then mixed with olive oil and beeswax.
How to use: Apply the mixture on the skin that is inflamed

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