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The Benefit of Pineapple

Pineapple is one type of fruit crops that have a very distinctive aroma and pungent smell. The taste of this fruit is a mixture of sweet and sour taste, yet very refreshing. Talking about Pineapple, thought we would have immediately drawn to Subang,  which is the largest pineapple fruit producing area in Indonesia. There we can find a wide variety of processed pineapple fruit, such as pineapple jam, candied pineapple, pineapple syrup, pineapple chips even.
the benefit of pineapple

Pineapple fruit that comes from the State of Brazil is known to have quite a lot of fiber content. In addition, there is also the content of senyaa other which is good for the body, such as Vitamin B1, Phosphorus, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Thiamin, Iron, Potassium, Sodium, Sugar Fruit (Sucrose), Proteins, Enzymes Bromelain, carbohydrates, as well as Vitamin A and C which act as antioxidants.

During this time people only consume pineapple fruit just like that, without knowing the great secret behind the pineapple fruit. Very few of the people who know the benefits of Pineapple in the field of health. Turns Pineapple can be used as a traditional medicine to treat various diseases.

With the nutrient content of pineapple dipercara able to cope with various health problems, among other things:

Treating worms in children
Peel 1 pineapple fruit that is still young, then rinse thoroughly. Afterwards, rinse with boiled water, then grate. Squeeze and strain the result of the grater. Minumkan little by little children.

Treating Sprains and bruises due to hit
Peel 1 pineapple ripe fruit, then cut into pieces. Make juice from pineapple fruit pieces earlier. Drink juice.

Overcoming Stomach feels full
Pineapple juice drink 3 times a day, each as much as ¾ cup only. Perform activities of drinking this juice ½ hour before you eat.

Treating Strep Throat
2 Peel the pineapple fruit that has been mask, then rinse thoroughly. After that, cut into pieces, and make into juice, or it could be shredded. Then wring by using a piece of clean cloth. Drinking the juice 3 times a day, each only 1/3 parts of the course.

Treating Burns, ulcers, and rashes
Wash the pineapple leaves thoroughly, then mash until smooth. And apply the results of the collision to the sick body.

Treat dermatitis (skin inflammation)
Provide ½ pineapple that has been masked. Then peel, then parutlah. Use grated result was to rub the skin scaly and peeling. Perform this activity 1x a day, exactly at night before bed. It was not until the next morning, rinse thoroughly this medicine.

Treating beriberi
Peel 2 pieces of pineapple that has been mask, then rinse thoroughly. Grate or can be made into juice. Then squeeze the juice and drinking water in the morning / afternoon after meals.

Nothing is perfect in this world, as well as pineapple fruit. Besides efficacy and benefits very much, there is also a drawback of the fruit that is identical to the color yellow. Among them are, pregnant mother NOT to drink the juice of young pineapple fruit. In addition, you should know that in the digestive tract, pineapple will be fermented into alcohol, which can cause a recurrence of the disease for sufferers Gout Arthritis. As well as for patients with diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) in order to reduce the consumption of fruit pineapple, because the sugar content in fruit ripe pineapple quite high.

To be able to get relief or maximum result, it is often consume traditional prescription according to the instructions above herbalists. A few articles about the efficacy and Pineapple Fruit Benefits, may be a reference for you.
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