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The benefit of betel leaf

The betel leaf is native to Indonesia, which grew by means of vines and leaning on a pole or other plants. Betel leaf has countless benefits, especially as a traditional medicine. In ancient times people also use betel leaves for strengthen teeth by chewing and mixed with other spices.
betel leaf
Betel leaf content of Compound
Betel leaves have compounds as traditional medicine compound that is as essential oils from the leaves contain oil fly (betlephenol), starch, diastase, seskuiterpen, sugar and other substances. Betel leaves have a substance or compound that has the ability to disinfect and are antifungal and antioxidant.

You know what are the benefits of betel leaves to cope with various diseases? Here are the benefits of betel leaf:

1. Treating Diarrhea
Diarrhea is a disease that sucks that make your trips to the bathroom for defecate. And the most appropriate solution you can take 6 pieces of betel leaf add 6 grains of pepper and 1 tablespoon of oil, then mash until smooth everything then rub on the stomach.

2. Treating Cancer
Cancer is a disease that is very dangerous and even some people who are already infected many who died of cancer. But the betel leaf is a safe alternative to prevent or treat by taking a few betel leaves and then boiled and wait until the water is reduced ¼ of the stew and mix with honey and drink 3 times a day.

3. Treating Nosebleeds
Betel leaf is indeed the most effective drug in treating nosebleeds, namely by taking a betel leaf is then used to clog the nose so that blood does not come out again.

4. Smooth Urinating
Betel leaves can be launched urination because the betel leaf is a diuretic. This recipe can use betel leaf betel leaf juice is then made and mixed with honey and milk and then consume 1 week.

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