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The benefit of Avocado Seed

Avocado seeds benefits. After reading an article about the benefits of avocado leaves, feels incomplete if you have not read about the benefits of avocado seed.
avocado seed

It turns avocado seed contains antioxidants that can be used as an herbal remedy that can be processed by traditional and natural. Here are a few benefits of avocado seeds as natural herbal remedies:

Treating swelling due to inflammation
Directions: Take the avocado seed to be dried, then dried mashed avocado seeds until smooth.

Getting treatment: take powder results from avocado seeds are already sufficiently finely ground, then add a little water until a dough (like porridge). Apply the mixture to the sick body.

Treating Diabetes
Ways of making: avocado seeds roasted over a fire and then cut into small pieces, boiled beans pieces before using water until the water turns brown.

Getting treatment: After a perfect boiled. Strain the water, and drink the water when cool.

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Who knew that avocado seeds could be so helpful! I had heard about natural medicine before, but I didn't really know anything about it. That is really cool that it can help diabetes and inflammation. My dad has diabetes, and I am definitely going to tell him about this.

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